14th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) It was a night of mayhem at the Hong Kong International Airport yesterday during the second day of the siege by protesters. Several ruckus happened throughout the day that ended with riot police storming into the airport premises to make multiple arrests.

A British couple who was deterred by protesters from entering the Departure Gate, suspected Chinese public security officer and a Chinese reporter from Global Times were both mobbed, assaulted and tied respectively by the protesters. A police’s baton was removed and assaulted with it during the commotion. While conducting their operation, police also struck and injured several protesters and civilians.

After a court order was obtained by Airport Authority at 9.30pm yesterday and the several untoward incidents that took place, protesters decided to apologise to Hong Kongers and travellers today. Some would risk being arrested by violating the court injunction later today to apologise to travellers at the airport.

The protest leaders made a statement in the early hours today on their TELEGRAM chat group and pointed out that the airport has undisputedly become their new front line war zone. Protesters mostly listened to the admin of the airport TELEGRAM group for instructions and order. However, during the siege yesterday, there were too many split opinions resulting in chaos in the end. The admin decided to conduct an anonymous poll at 12.15am today to decide in near future, if all instructions should only come from the admin of the airport Telegram group or others :

Options for the poll were :

1) To conduct more polls and share among different Telegram groups so that a common goal can be achieved. No one will lead the operations except during chaos or when the protesters’ safety is compromised.

2) Admins of all other Telegram groups should not give instructions;

3) Objection;

4) Others.

A total of 17,100 protesters saw the poll while 7,447 protesters voted.

Another anonymous poll was also conducted by the admin of the airport Telegram chat group at 1.23am today to ask if protesters should apologise for their actions at the airport yesterday. 16,000 protesters saw the poll while 8,432 voted.

Anonymous poll conducted on Telegram at 1.23am today.

Protesters then decided to issue a statement of apology as follows:

We understand that we have caused extreme inconvenience to everyone since June in our anti-extradition movement.

Let us humbly say : SORRY

May be you think that the anti-extradition fight is endless and you are already fed up with it. In fact, we also share the same feelings. We also want to go back to work to make a living. Every weekend when we go out to have fun, we also want Hong Kong to be restored to its former peacefulness. However, the government continues to ignore people’s request with regards to the extradition bill. The 21/7 Yuen Long attack on civilians made people feel insecure after police arrived late at the scene. They also failed to charge any assailants clad in white. Instead, there were tens of protesters charged by police for inciting riot. Police fired 800 tear gas rounds on 5th August and affected residents in several areas. Triad attacks on protesters also took place in North Point and Tsuen on the same day.

From June until today, regardless of how civilians pleaded to the government on their demands, they were left with no direct response while government continues to defend police in their selective prosecution. The exhausted civilians clad in black continue to live in fear as long as White Terror has not ended. Protesters who fight for justice may face justice in the end and destroy their youth and future.

We are not afraid of fatigue, we are not afraid of police brutality, we are not afraid of triads, we are only afraid if we lose your support.

Anti-extradition fight requires your support to succeed. Will you fight with us for the future of Hong Kong and to safeguard the future of our next generation?

Statement issued by protesters.

In another poster they shared online, the protesters apologised and said they should have respected the rights of the passengers to depart, they should not deter paramedics team in carrying out their duties and obstruct reporters.

Another poster was also made by protesters which says ‘HELP EACH OTHER BUT DON’T LET HATRED CONSUME ANYONE OF US.

A different poster also referred to their protest as peaceful.

After a series of guerrilla attacks that disrupted the lives of other civilians, these young protesters have upped their ante by besieging the airport for two days which almost paralysed the city as this was the only gateway. We are not sure what Hong Kongers would think of their apology as we wrote yesterday in one article that these protesters have already steered off-course from their original fight and they are fast becoming a burden to the society.

In their apology, they said that they shard the same feelings and they also wanted to go back to work to make a living. However, most of the frontline protesters in every clash are mostly university students. On 12th August, 11 local university students’ union also called upon the public to participate in a general strike for indefinite period. If other civilians were to become irrational like them, everyone would start to lose their jobs, rents and loans will not be paid and businesses will fail. These students do not have any stake in the city’s economy and they certainly do not represent the mass population even though Hong Kongers are angered by government’s lack of response over the amended anti-extradition bill.

When they said ‘HELP EACH OTHER BUT DON’T LET HATRED CONSUME ANYONE OF US.’, perhaps the angry students should look into the mirror and ask themselves this question instead.