Police officer attacked by protesters with his own baton while protesters mobbed and tied two mainland Chinese men


14th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) At 10.45pm yesterday, police arrived at the airport to rescue a man who was surrounded and mobbed by protesters as he was a suspected public security officer from China. At around 11pm, while police officers were retreating, one of them entered into the Airport Terminal 1 to restrain a suspected female protester. The police officer then had his baton taken from him by other protesters before being attacked with it. The police officer immediately pulled his gun and wielded at the protesters.

The police officer had his baton taken from him and was attacked with it by the protesters.

Earlier at 11pm, protesters vandalised and smashed the windows of a private belonging to police officer. Another police officer was also mobbed and assaulted by protesters before he wielded his gun at them.

After police retreated at 12am, another mainland Chinese man was mobbed and tied because an I LOVE HONG KONG POLICE T-shirt was found in his backpack.