Dimsum Daily is an international online English news blog which started at the end of 2018. We have gained exponential growth in readership due to our speed in re-sharing concise breaking news in Hong Kong published first by other local non-English media reports. Most other international articles are re-shared via newswires.

We strive to provide accuracy, impartiality and objective in our editorials and reporting and at the same time, we focus on bringing breaking news at the first instance to our readers without compromising on quality of reporting. As a media blog in the social media era where readers are deluged with infinite information flow by the minute, we tend to avoid excessive rhetoric and pompous language that will impact the gist of a particular news. We focus on basic facts and simple imagery in our news coverage to avoid potential errors, linguistic inaccuracy (grammatical mistakes exempted) and inattention. Developing stories are updated accordingly and regularly with timestamps on the headlines.

In compliance with our commitment to professional ethics and respect to its audience, our team takes extra precaution in rectifying errors, misspelled names, typing errors and inaccurate figures swiftly in news reports as we strive to bring breaking news to our audience at a speed faster than any other local English media outlets in Hong Kong.

Corrective measures include updating the particular news article with the latest timestamp on the headline and acknowledgment of the error made in the same news article. No corrective action will be taken in cases involving slander or libel until a legal opinion is sought to protect us against legal liability.

Proper credits are given to other established news agencies and writers whenever an article is reproduced or republished. Proper credits are also given to images sourced from third parties when identified.