Protesters mob and attack a man for possessing a blue T-shirt written with I LOVE HK POLICE (Updated)


13th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) After a suspected public security officer from China was surrounded and attacked by protesters earlier, they mobbed and surrounded another man disguised as a reporter who carried a I LOVE HONG KONG POLICE T-SHIRT in his backpack at around 11.30pm today at Airport Terminal 1. He was being assaulted continuously by the crowd who seemed to have lost control. During the ruckus, some protesters tried to restrain the rest from bashing the man while a few hurled vulgar words at him.

He was suspected by protesters to be linked to the Tsuen Wan attack against the protesters on 5th August. When they found their T-shirt, the protesters were under the assumption that he was an undercover before tying him up. However, his identity was subsequently confirmed to be a reporter from Global Times, a Chinese Daily under the auspices of the People’s Daily newspaper.

‘I Love HK Police’ T-shirt found in his backpack.

While paramedics team finally reached him to take him out from the airport, several protesters tried to prevent them from leaving at 12.25am today.