Mobs in white assault protesters with wooden sticks in Tsuen Wan after attacking different groups of protesters in North Point earlier


6th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) The mobs in white assaulted protesters in black in North Point at around 8pm yesterday before fleeing as they were outnumbered. At 11.07pm yesterday, around 40 mobs in white armed with wooden sticks (allegedly linked to a local Fujian triad) re-appeared again in Tsuen Wan and started to attack protesters at the junction of Sha Tsui Road and Chung On Street in Tsuen Wan.

The mobs assault several protesters in black before fleeing towards Tsuen Wan Park. One of the mobs in white was pursued and assaulted by protesters subsequently as he was the one who gave the order to bash them. Ambulance rushed to the scene to send injured victims to hospital.

One of the attackers purportedly threatened protesters with a pen knife.

According to reporters at the scene, riot police rushed to the scene to disperse the protesters without arresting anyone.

Protester injured by mobs in white.
Protester injured by mob in white.
Protesters pursued and bashed a triad member in white after he allegedly gave orders to others to injure them in Tsuen Wan Yesterday.

Protesters assaulted the man who gave the order to assault them.
Protesters assaulted the man who gave the order to assault them.