13th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) A female protester’s right eye was allegedly ruptured during last Sunday night’s illegal street rally in Tsim Sha Tsui. She was purportedly shot with bean bag round by riot police during the commotion. Even though the hospital authority has not officially confirmed that she has lost her right eyesight, furious protesters hastily organised a siege at the Hong Kong International Airport via TELEGRAM app without establishing any contact with the injured girl to verify her condition. Posters were made with captions ‘AN EYE FOR AN EYE’ and ‘POLICE FORCE, PLEASE RETURN EYE’.

Many responded positively as the young protesters were extremely fumed after seeing a young and ‘innocent looking’ fellow female protester shot in the eye. They have forgotten that it was an illegal street rally and the protesters were just thrilled to shortlist another ‘crime’ committed by the embattled police force.

The female protester injured her eye in TST on Sunday.
Airport protest 13th August.
Unverified leak on the female protester’s eye condition which does not seem to show that she has lost her eyesight.

Over 10,000 people then turned up and crippled the entire airport with flights cancelled. The protesters subsequently aborted their mission at 5-6pm due to unfamiliarities with the airport environment. Many were worried that there was no escape route in the event police commenced clearance. In response, police also withheld their operations after the majority of protesters dispersed voluntarily. The protesters vowed to continue to occupy the airport continuously to disrupt the operations.

From arrests of protesters for illegal assemblies, assault and possession of laser pointer to the latest ruptured eye incident, radical Hong Kong protesters continue to leverage on new evidence of police brutality whenever the opportunity arises. They were conveniently used as reasons to justify their increasingly violent attacks in various parts of the city.

The initial peaceful fight for anti-extradition law has taken on a new course as the embattled police have now become the radical protesters’ NUMBER 1 PUBLIC ENEMY. Since police were alleged to have worked in cahoots with triads in the Yuen Long attack in July, they have been the target of major legal and illegal street rallies. Police stations were repetitively besieged and vandalised in the past few weeks whenever some protesters were arrested and charged in court. Meanwhile, 100 civilians turned up at at Tai Koo MTR Station yesterday to demand the station master to explain why police were allowed to enter to conduct police clearance. Have they forgotten that the protesters were involved in an ILLEGAL STREET PROTEST?

These radical protesters no longer represent the mass population. They leveraged on isolated mistakes and crimes committed by the police force and amplified them to incite and infuriate the young ones so that they would engage in more violent and illegal acts at the expense of other civilians who advocate peace in the city. Their justification? ‘If police are committing illegal acts and brutalities, we don’t need to respect the rule of law too! GO HARD or GO HOME, ADD OIL! HONG KONGERS!’

The continuous lukewarm response from government has also triggered them to behave like loose cannon thinking that they could use violence as a bargaining chip to negotiate. This unwarranted reasoning could eventually transform them into terrorists whose slogans are , ‘IF YOU DON’T GIVE US WHAT WE WANT i.e. the 5 DEMANDS, WE WILL DESTROY YOU!’ In the process, they are wrecking their own lives & future and damaging the city along the way.

Meanwhile, some protesters have resorted to using foreign power to sanction the city by filing petitions to the White House and raising fund via gofundme.com. FREEDOM HONG KONG started a new campaign yesterday targeting US$1 million (HK$7.8m) to organise major street rallies all over the world on 17th August to expose the violence and alleged crimes committed by police on 11th August. They raised HK$15million in two hours.

American flags and British flags were seen flown during the multiple street rallies. To these protesters, they argued that these countries are symbols of democracy and freedom. Some even sang the National Anthem of United States during one street rally. However, they failed to comprehend that there is no true democracy in most nations and police in United States, France and Russia have also shot rubber bullets at reporters, injured protesters and used excessive force to make arrest. They failed to understand that when they engage themselves in ILLEGAL STREET RALLIES, police have every right to use reasonable force in accordance with their code of conduct to execute their duties. In the course of their operation, unwanted injuries are bound to occur.

At the centre of this ironic deadlock, protesters still chose to look to the West to condemn the actions of the Hong Kong government and police when the West was in fact the forerunner of police brutalities.

Two rights don’t make a wrong – Government’s lack of response and police brutality/abuse of power do not give the radical protesters the right to turn rogue.

Protesters waved US Flags during the first day of the 3-day sit-in airport protest last weekend.

Hong Kong’s Police Violence Is Stamped ‘Made in U.K.’.

JACK HAZLEWOOD wrote an article in Foreign Policy that Hong Kong’s Police Violence Is Stamped ‘Made in U.K.’. He said that modern riot control tactics were born in the city’s 1960s riots. According to him, it was also part of a legacy of police brutality, and subsequent violence from protesters, stretching back to the colonial era—and continued by the key role that British officers play in the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF). The British police were eager to hear exactly how it had been done—and to reproduce the same tactics against demonstrators in the U.K.

A prominent French anti-government “yellow vest” activist was badly injured in the eye during a protest in January 2019

A prominent French anti-government “yellow vest” activist was badly injured in the eye during a protest in January 2019 after he was struck with one of the controversial rubber bullets used by police. Jerome Rodrigues’ lawyer feared he would be “handicapped for life” after he was injured in clashes with police in Paris during an 11th straight weekend of protests against President Emmanuel Macron. 

Rodrigues was placed in an artificial coma overnight after the incident at the Bastille monument in central Paris.  He also lodged a complaint against police as he was truck with a “flashball”, referring to the 40-mm rubber projectiles used by French riot police.

Rodrigues lies on the street after getting wounded in the eye during clashes with riot police on Saturday. Photo: ZAKARIA ABDELKAFI / AFP
Source : Jerome Rodrigues’ Facebook

In July 2019, riot police in Moscow detained over 1,000 in Crackdown on Moscow Elections Protest

According to MOSCOW TIMES, for two weeks, the authorities had allowed Russia’s political opposition to vent frustration in the capital’s streets over the decision of election officials to bar anti-establishment candidates from running in upcoming local elections.

22,500 people turned out for a protest in central Moscow in July 2019.

Police made mass arrest in an attempt to quash a protest rally that had been banned by authorities. Before that, some 22,500 people turned out for a protest in central Moscow that was approved by city officials — the largest showing at an opposition-led rally in recent years — the authorities decided that enough was enough. 

“Attempts to give ultimatums and organize riots will not bring anything good,” Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin wrote on Twitter Saturday morning, issuing a rare warning in advance of a follow-up protest. “Order in the city will be ensured in accordance with the law.”

During the illegal street protest a week after the approved street rally, police detained about 828 people. Police announced that they detained 600 and that 1,500 had attended the illegal protest. Meanwhile, activists said 10,000 had taken part.

U.S. Police conducted a kettling mass arrest operation of nonviolent protesters and bystanders during 2017 St Louis protests.

In September 2017, during the 2017 St. Louis protests, large protests erupted when police officer Jason Stockley was found not guilty of murder in the shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith on December 20, 2011. Some of the protests turned destructive and the police became violent.

Picture credit : Mercury news
Police arrest a man as they try to clear a violent crowd Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017, in University City, Mo. Earlier, protesters marched peacefully in response to a not guilty verdict in the trial of former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Windows were broken at Mayor Lyda Krewson‘s house and in the Central West End, business district on the first night, many windows were broken in the Delmar Loop on Sept 16, a few were broken downtown on Sept 17 after police drove swiftly through a crowd following a peaceful march. Police conducted a kettling mass arrest operation of nonviolent protesters and bystanders, beating and pepper spraying many, including journalists, documentary filmmakers, and an undercover officer. Protests and sporadic unrest continued daily for weeks.

Pepper spray was used on St Louis protesters

Police arrested many and assaulted two reporters during Ferguson riots in 2014

Police violence broke out in Ferguson, Missouri in August 2014, as the streets filled with tear gas, rubber bullets, heavily-armed SWAT teams and mine-resistant vehicles on the fourth night of unrest since Michael Brown, an unarmed African American teenager, was shot to death by police on Aug, 9.

At least two reporters were assaulted and detained by police, and a St. Louis alderman was arrested for what police said was unlawful assembly.

Ferguson riots in 2014.