Hong Kong University Students’ Unions call upon the public to participate in a general strike for indefinite period


12th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) Students’ Unions of higher institutions have called upon Hong Kongers to participate in a general strike for an indefinite period, until the outlaws in Hong Kong Police Force were brought to justice and the Hong Kong Communist regime responds to the Five Demands of Hongkongers.

The excerpts of their statement:

We urge Hongkongers to assemble in Hong Kong International Airport at 1 p.m. every day starting from today.

In the past two months, these outlaws have been showing no respect for any laws and regulations; they have been using excessive violence, deploying expired chemical weapons, assaulting innocent passers-by and reporters, refusing to present their warrant cards and arresting citizens unreasonably.

Last night, the world witnessed how the outlaws have completely lost their control. All their acts are dehumanizing. They committed numerous crimes including:

1. Pretending as protesters and initiating violent conflicts, and then collaborating with the riot police in arresting peaceful protesters;

2. Shooting citizens in the eyes with bean bag rounds, causing rupture of the globe and permanent blindness;

3. Firing tear gas inside Kwai Fong MTR Station;

4. Shooting rampage of pepper spray projectiles at citizens in Tai Koo MTR station at close distance, and assaulting citizens on escalators causing a stampede;

5. Fabricating evidence by putting a stick into the bag of an arrested person;

6. Ignoring the violent acts of the white-clothed thugs, letting them attack citizens and journalists indiscriminately;

7. Using dehumanizing expression, such as “cockroaches”, to describe Hong Kong citizens. Similar strategies were employed during the Rwanda genocide and the Holocaust, in an attempt to justify their abuse of power and violence.

Hong Kong has become a police state.

The essence of the rule of law is nemo est supra legis (i.e. no one is above the law). The Hong Kong Communist regime have been criticizing the protesters for ruining the rule of law for months, but what is in fact eroding the rule of law in Hong Kong is the abuse of power and violence by Hong Kong Police Force.

We shall not kneel. God bless Hong Kong. The tyranny must fall.

The Hong Kong University Students’ Union

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Students’ Union

City University of Hong Kong Students’ Union

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Students’ Union

The Open University of Hong Kong Students’ Union

Lingnan University Students’ Union

The Student Union of The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Student Union of Hong Kong Shue Yan University

The Education University of Hong Kong Students’ Union

The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong Students’ Union

Hong Kong Baptist University Students’ Union