Police arrest at least 10 pro-democracy leaders in the last 30 hours

Top from left : Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, Au Nok-hin, Yau Man King and Jeremy Tam. Bottom from left : Andy Chan, Althea Suen, Rick Hui, Chung Tai-Cheng and Ivan Lam.

30th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) Police conducted a massive arrest of pro-democracy politician for various offences in the last 30 hours. Police have rounded up at least 10 opposition leaders including Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow. Both Joshua and Agnes from Demosisto Party were arrested, charged and released on bail today.

Others who were arrested include Au Nok-hin, Yau Man King (the ex-assistant to  Sha Tin District Councillor James Chan Kwok-keung), Jeremy Tam (Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong Civic Party), Andy Chan, Althea Suen (Former president of Hong Kong University Student) , Rick Hui (Sha Tin District Councillor) , Chung Tai-Cheng (Legislative Councillor and member of Civic Passion) and Ivan Lam (Chairman of Demosisto). Ivan Lam is currently out of Hong Kong and he has been charged in absentia.

Meanwhile, political activist and singer Denise Ho flew to Australia this afternoon to escape potential arrest. It remains a mystery if police would dare to arrest Jimmy Lai, Martin Lee and Joseph Zen for leading and participating in an illegal street rally from Victoria Park on 18th August (Read HERE).