Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam charms fans in Beijing airport with humble appearance

    Raymond Lam

    15th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Raymond Lam, the 44-year-old Hong Kong actor, continues to captivate audiences with his enduring charm and a newfound sense of maturity. Despite being happily married, Lam’s popularity remains high in both mainland China and Hong Kong. Amid his busy schedule, he recently made an appearance in Beijing, sharing photos from the airport on his social media platform.

    In the snapshots, Lam can be seen wearing a face mask, a T-shirt paired with a jacket, dark jeans, and casual sneakers. His understated and down-to-earth attire earned him praise from netizens, who commented that he looked as handsome as ever. However, some fans also noticed that Lam appeared slightly thinner and expressed concern for his well-being, urging him to take care of himself and get more rest.

    What caught the attention of netizens was the fact that despite being a well-known celebrity, Lam was seen personally handling his own luggage. This gesture was highly appreciated, with many commending him for his lack of diva-like behaviour and suggesting that other mainland Chinese celebrities should follow his example.