HK actor Raymond Lam yearns for reunion with daughter after lengthy absence


    26th May 2024 – (Nanjing) Raymond Lam Fung, the popular Hong Kong actor and singer, made an appearance in Nanjing yesterday, drawing a large crowd of fans who flocked to catch a glimpse of him. As devoted as ever, a team of security guards stood ready to protect him. Known for being a doting father, Lam revealed that he had not seen his daughter for a month and a half, and after the event, he planned to fly back home to reunite with her.

    Lam’s popularity has soared in recent times, thanks to his numerous TV dramas and movies. Taking time out of his busy schedule, he attended an event at the Nanjing International Finance Centre, which attracted a swarm of enthusiastic fans. Upon his arrival, fans seized the opportunity to get up close and personal with him, while security guards ensured order was maintained.

    When asked about his constant promotional activities, Lam expressed his attentiveness to every detail, saying, “I am aware of every adjustment that needs to be made in each scene.” Despite his hectic schedule, he regretfully mentioned that he wouldn’t be able to stay and explore Nanjing after the event. Instead, he would swiftly return home to his daughter, stating, “I haven’t seen her for a month, so I need to hurry back.”