4th July 2019 – A mind boggling double-standard censorship law has always intrigued many people. Why are men’s nipples not censored while women’s nipples are usually censored?

According to a reader on Quora, The female nipple (to be exact) is censored and banned from public viewing because Western culture has decided that:

  1. The prevention of lustful thoughts and immoral tendencies falls upon women, not men, and
  2. Boobs are sexually attractive to men. Therefore, in order to prevent all men from turning into animals, boobs must be stowed away.

Answers based on the premise that breasts are sexual organs only for women and not men are WRONG. A study report shows that 52% of the men surveyed find nipple play arousing. Further the number of women who orgasm from only nipple stimulation is too small to be anything other than an anomaly. Women get aroused by men’s nipples too!

According to Alexei Iemhev,

The nipples play a very large part in sexual attraction, being strongly arousing. The male chest lacks these qualities and magical abilities, thus it’s not the same. It’s simply the muscle outline with functionless nipples attached. And we don’t exactly hide the chest muscles of women.

We hide the nipples. Its mostly acceptable for a woman to show cleavage and a large portion of her breast as long as the epicenter of interest remains hidden.

We have given different social meanings to the very real and biological realities of gender. Men don’t have anything worth hiding on their chests, while women do. Life would be pretty hard for both men and women otherwise.

The irony apart, let’s be kind to men and acknowledge that their nipples (and therefore their pleasure) are important to us. And then let’s get rid of hypocritical laws which allow freedoms to one set of people and deny them to others.

The following is a bunch of mixed-gendered nipples! Can internet tell the difference as to which one to censor? OR Can you tell the difference?