High school student licks unused cup and soy sauce bottle at Sushiro branch in Japan, police notified


31st January 2023 – (Tokyo) Recently, an appalling video was circulated on Japanese social media, sparking outrage among netizens. A man licked the mouth of a soy sauce bottle on the conveyor belt at the popular sushi chain “Sushiro” and put it back to its original place. He then stuffed his fingers in his mouth and licked an unused cup before putting it back. His friend opposite him was still laughing while filming him.

The man then wiped the sushi on the conveyor belt with his saliva-stained fingers after looking around to confirm that no one saw him. Japanese netizens were very angry after seeing the video. On 30th January, Sushiro issued a statement on the incident confirming that the incident occurred in its branch. It is currently investigating to local the branch involved to fully disinfect the premises. Sushiro has already called the police and will take severe measures to deal with it. The police will prepare for criminal and civil lawsuits to hold the man in the video accountable. Sushiro criticised the man’s behaviour and expressed regret that diners who watched the video felt uneasy. Japanese netizens quickly identified the young man in the video. He is a high school student and his social media account has been made private recently after his identity was exposed.