Hong Kong’s first AV actress reveals dislike for foreign men and advocates against marriage

    Erena So

    18th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) The announcement that So Hoi-lam, known professionally as Erena, had become the first AV actress in Hong Kong caused a significant spike in her popularity. Some netizens uncovered a video clip of Elina being interviewed by DJ Eric two years ago, during which Erena frequently discussed AV and even revealed that she had been learning Japanese for a few years, potentially paving the way for her to shoot AV films in Japan.

    During the course of their walk through a traditional Japanese clothing store, DJ Eric suggested that some of the attire would suit Erena, to which she agreed, commenting on the sexiness of exposing one shoulder while holding a fan. Erena consistently talked about AV in relation to Japan, explaining that it was common for Hong Kong men and women to associate anything Japanese with AV. She even went so far as to say that some of the clothing smelled like a married woman. DJ Eric humorously suggested that Erena was preoccupied with AV imagery.

    During the interview, Erena expressed her distaste for foreign men, saying, “First of all, I don’t like white men. I saw a video on the internet where white men think Asian women are easy to get in bed. I think they have no respect for Hong Kong women, so I don’t worship foreigners.” She also revealed her desire to meet a Japanese man in the future, further indicating that she had been preparing to shoot AV movies in Japan for the past two years by studying the language.

    Erena also disclosed that she is an advocate for not getting married and lacks trust in men, citing her insecurity and fear of infidelity. She said, “I recently read a news story about a man who cheated with his foreign domestic helper. If you’re asking me to get married, I won’t. Even if you don’t cheat with a foreign domestic helper, I just don’t trust men. That’s all.” Erena is known for being frank, bold, and outspoken, such as when she referred to Taiwanese singer Show Lo as a “sleazy man” for asking her to have sex without offering to buy her a meal, stating repeatedly, “Don’t be like Show Lo.”

    Erena appeared in an interview with DJ Eric two years ago.

    Meanwhile, a netizen recently posted a thread online, revealing some of the past of Erena. According to the post, the netizen was her former classmate in secondary school. They attended the HHCKLA Buddhist Ma Kam Chan Memorial English Secondary School  in Fanling together and were in the same class. However, after secondary school, they lost touch.

    Erena during her student days.

    The netizen described Erena as a quiet student who did not stand out in the class, but was not a troublemaker either. She added that she had a good figure and her breasts were already larger than most of her female classmates when she wore winter clothes.

    This revelation has attracted the attention of the public, especially since Erena has recently become the first AV actress in Hong Kong and has gained popularity. The post has prompted many netizens to discuss and share their opinions on her past. It remains to be seen how this will affect her burgeoning career in the adult film industry.