HK’s first AV actress, Erena to star in debut adult film with renowned Japanese actor, Ken Shimizu, Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau denounces false congratulations


    15th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Renowned AV actress Yua Mikami recently made the announcement of her retirement from the AV industry. Her final work is set to release in August this year, in fulfillment of her promise to work hard in the industry until the age of 30. This news has left many of her fans heartbroken, as expressed on various online platforms. Meanwhile, Hong Kong artist Erena So has made her official entry into the Japanese AV industry as the lead actress. The male lead in the film is the famous local actor Ken Shimizu, and a trailer for the movie has already been released.

    The cover of the film clearly states that Erena is a “Hong Konger born and bred.” In the film, Erena is seen answering questions in Cantonese and attempting to speak Japanese, which makes her the “real” first Hong Kong AV actress to enter the industry in Japan. Erena, aged 25, had previously acted in the movie “#PTGF Rent-a-Girlfriend” and had also appeared on ViuTV’s program “Love Chat” as a “cheating expert,” where she shared her experiences. She also claims to be the “dark version of Hong Kong’s Gingle Wang.” Wang Ching is a Taiwanese actress and writer, better known as Gingle. She has gained rapid recognition from her work across various films and television productions and established herself as one of Taiwan’s highest-paid actresses at the age of 24.

    Erena has recently joined an adult online chat platform, and although her words and actions may be bold, she still adheres to the no-nudity style. On the other hand, Erena has set up an account on the platform “Patreon” to sell sexy photos, openly stating that she sells pictures that focus on specific parts of her body. Erena has changed her stage name to “Erena.”

    Last year, in response to Japan’s “No Bra” movement, Erena also publicly shared a video of herself taking a “naked” walk by the seaside in Tsim Sha Tsui, which sparked online discussion. The video has now been viewed by over 130,000 people. She shared her feelings, saying that she was “a bit nervous and shy.”

    Today, a HKGolden forum user posted a thread entitled “(Exclusive) First AV actress born and bred in Hong Kong appears!” The user shared Erena’s background and also posted a screenshot with the words “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government News Bulletin” in the top left corner, which is very similar to the government news website. The content reads, “Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Kevin Yeung congratulates Erena on being awarded exclusive actress status by FALENO today. Erena has truly made her mark in the AV industry in Japan, and fans are excited to see what she will bring to the table.” In response, the spokesman for Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau sternly clarified that the fake press release was not issued via the Government News and Media Information System and the case has been reported to the Police.

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