Kane Lim in Netflix’s Bling Empire admits his uncle is linked to beleaguered Singaporean oil trading company after our exclusive exposé

Picture source: Kane Lim's Instagram

19th May 2022 – (Los Angeles) Netflix’s Bling Empire Season 2 is out and one of the key figures in the series, Kane Lim, a self-proclaimed real estate developer and entrepreneur has not stopped meddling in the dating lives of his friends i.e Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee which caused a backslash on himself. He also spread gossip around Chérie Chan and Jessey Lee’s relationship where he dwelled into the double life of Jessey who allegedly has a separate family. He has been labelled as a toxic rumour monger by many fans who have started to dislike him after Season 2.

His co-star, Anna Shay had a one-on-one session with him after the drama involving Kevin and Kim. She told him not to get involved in others’ affairs since there is a darker side of his own family which was not exposed during Season 1. Kane then discreetly admitted that his uncle owns a troubled oil trading business in Singapore and the family has issues but he claimed that it has no impact on his life in the States.

Lim Oon Kuin
Kenny Lim Oon Cheng

Kane has kept his family background very secretive despite his lavish lifestyle. We first exposed in 2021 that Kane’s father is Kenny Lim Oon Cheng, Xihe Holdings interim chief executive in Singapore. Kenny Lim Oon Cheng is the brother of Lim Oon Kuin (O.K. Lim) who is the founder of beleaguered Singaporean oil trader Hin Leong Trading (HLT). The company was embroiled in a financial scandal last year that saw the company file for bankruptcy in April, marking one of the world’s largest collapses of an oil trading firm. In August and September 2020, O.K. Lim was hit with two charges of abetment of forgery for the purpose of cheating in Singaporean court. The offence carries a fine and a jail term of up to 10 years. Lim, his children and a Hin Leong employee have also been sued by HSBC Holdings to recover millions in financing the bank alleges they obtained with forged documents.

After exposing his family background, 3-Ball Media Group in Los Angeles, a company owned by Jeff Jenkins Productions, which is behind Netflix’s Bling Empire reached out to us in June 2021 last year to use the information published by Dimsum Daily. We obliquely allowed the production company to use the content without quoting us as a source. We refused to negotiate any licensing fee as the information published on our media site is available for free for our readers.

It is unsure if the company’s ill-gotten funds have been diverted to Kane’s father and the source of money to fund Kane’s lavish lifestyle in the United States is questionable. Kane has denied any links in the series.