Try quirky Sichuan Cuisine at the newly relocated Deng G restaurant in K11 MUSEA

Sweetened Pork Belly with Glutinous Rice

17th October 2021 – (Hong Kong)  Acclaimed in the Michelin Guide and awarded One Diamond Restaurant in the Black Pearl GuideDeng G Sichuan Cuisine restaurant has just moved to K11 MUSEA since 26th September.

Inspired by the classic residences and courtyards in ancient Chengdu as well as the acorn tale in Chinese literature, the new Deng G Sichuan Cuisine venue, including the fashionable K Bar, is a fabulous fusion of both oriental aesthetics and Western style in its interior design. Guests can gaze at stunning vistas across Victoria Harbor while enjoying the ultra-chilled ambience from the balcony area. The restaurant’s overall thematic design blends harmoniously with the creative architecture and cultural atmosphere of K11 MUSEA. 

The renowned chef Deng Hua-dong explains that Sichuan cuisine comprises a wide array of 24 intricate flavour elements, not just the well-known mouth-numbing, peppery sensation. An expert in the refined Southern Yangtze banquet style of cooking, he insists on adopting a sophisticated approach to turn even the most common food ingredients and dishes into truly memorable delicacies. 

The new menu at Deng G Sichuan Cuisine truly reflects chef Deng’s philosophy of gastronomic excellence. He recommends five dishes which are different from the usual hot and spicy Sichuan cuisine staples, including the starters – Walnut with Sweet Bean Sauce, and Spicy Marinated Beef with Dried Tangerine Peel, highlighting less widely known flavour elements of Sichuan cuisine. The former is not only crispy but also delights the palette with sweet and salty notes. The latter dish makes creative use of Sichuanese dried tangerine peel, adding a refreshing light and unique aroma to the beef. 

Spicy marinated beef with dried tangerine peel (HK$98) and Walnut with sweet bean sauce (HK$68).
Braised sea cucumber in sweet chili sauce.

Many ‘off menu’ banquet dishes are also available to order such as – Steamed Chinese Cabbage in Supreme Soup, which has been served at many formal state banquets. The soup is filtered many times to ensure clarity, transparency, freshness and elegance; it represents the epitome of Sichuan cuisine excellence. Another banquet dish – Braised Sea Cucumber is made using a special Sichuan cooking technique allowing the sea cucumber to fully absorb the flavours of all the ingredients, resulting in a bold and sophisticated taste experience. 

Other must-try dishes include Walnut with sweet bean sauce (HK$68), spicy marinated beef with dried tangerine peel (HK$98), braised sea cucumber in sweet chili sauce.

Desserts may not be a particular highlight on Chinese menus but the Sweetened Pork Belly with Glutinous Rice is a must try dish and beautifully expresses a different type of flavour in Sichuan gastronomy. Originated from the rural village areas of Sichuan province, this elegant dish is now often presented as a popular dessert at many formal banquets. 

Deng G Sichuan Cuisine

Address:                      412- 413, Level 4, K11 MUSEA, 18 Salisbury Road,  Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:           12nn – 10pm, Monday to Sunday

Reservations:              +852-2545 3288