Tokio Joe in LKF reopens its doors serving brand new Omakase menus and other new signature dishes


13th April 2021 – (Hong Kong)  After a 3-month renovation and refurbishment, Tokio Joe which was established for more than 25 years in Central has reopened in late March this year.

Embracing craftsmanship, Chef Wah, Executive Chef of Tokio Joe is dedicated to bringing a unique omakase experience to Hong Kong diners through his professional and innovative approach by creating new dishes and combinations with fresh ingredients and new sauces, so as to compliment with different seasoning and to distinguish the unique flavour and texture of each ingredient. 

Taking inspiration from the traditions of Japanese gastronomy and entertainment, the refreshed omakase menus of Tokio Joe showcase Chef Wah’s modern view of Japanese Omakase. Exclusive Omakase and à la carte menus using jet-fresh seasonable ingredients with diversified cooking methods to deliver the original taste of each ingredient. Tokio Joe will offer 3 different six-course Omakase menus (Lunch Omakase $640, Dinner KIKU Omakase HK$800, Dinner MATSU Omakase HK$1,200) featuring sushi, sashimi, signature rolls, to match with the impressive collection of Sake and Wine. 

We were given the chance to try the KIKU Omakase HK$800 featuring a wide selection of fresh sashimi, sushi and other delights prepared by Chef Wah. One of the dishes in the course is the oyster cooked in Wasabi sauce of which we like the most. The selection of dishes is generous considering the low price.

KIKU Omakase set
KIKU Omakase set
KIKU Omakase set
KIKU Omakase set
KIKU Omakase set
KIKU Omakase set
The melon blended so well with the Macha ice cream and red beans.
Omakase menu

Besides the refreshed omakase menus, new signature dishes include Joe’s Appetizer Trio (HK$195), Grilled oyster, spicy salmon tempura and white fish sashimi with Yuzu Ponzu, Crab Meat Goma Ae (HK$155), Crab meat, spinach salad with peanut and sesame sauce, LKF ROLL (HK$285) Steamed lobster, Uni, Ikura and house sauce, Joe’s New Zealand Lamb Fumi (HK$260), Grilled New Zealand Lamb Chop with Wasabi Soya Sauce, Maguro Yamakake (HK$240), Tuna sashimi with Japanese yam and Braised Kinki Fish in Sweet Soya Sauce (seasonal dish of Matsu Omakase menu, priced at $1,200). In addition, Chef Wah had given a modern twist on a few old favourite dishes of the regular diners such as Spicy Toro Tartar ($320), Chopped Toro, spicy sauce, lettuce wrap was given a new presentation, while Amiyaki ($280) is used with enhanced ingredient and delicate touch of sauce including grilled US beef fillet and teriyaki sauce. 

Offering an extensive collection of Japanese sakes, wines, highball and creative cocktails, the Drink Menu of Tokio Joe takes guests on a journey of relaxation and mood-lifting, our Bartender can recommend the best drinks to pair up with the Omakase menu, adding colours to a unique dining experience. 

Highlighted premium sakes include Born Tokusen Junmai Daiginjo (HK$1,900), it is served at Japanese royal family events and has gained international reputation. Aged for 2 years at ice-cold temperature, the aroma is reminiscent with grapefruit palate. Warming enhances the sake’s sweetness, which balances the sake’s outstanding acidity, also makes it softer and rounder. Best match with oyster, sushi, sashimi, seafood and meat. Another interesting sake is Kamotsuru “Tokusei Gold” Daiginjo (HK$740), can be chilled or warm, this sake is US previous President Obama’s preferred drink. In particular, the Daiginjo Gold Kamotsuru from Hiroshima had gold flakes in the shape of sakura flower, makes it not only tasty but also a feast for the eyes. Another signature drink not-to-be missed is Joe’s Famous Highball (HK$135), making from The Hakushu single malt Japanese whisky. 

The sushi table seats 16 guests, the centre stage where Chef Wah showcases his magic on food and sauces, while interacting with every guest and delivering the best Omakase experience to his audience. Chef Wah is humorous, aims to please, he is always ready to engage with guests and heat up the atmosphere. His ultimate goal – is to make every guest leaves Tokio Joe with a happy mood and filled stomach. 

Whether diners fancy a quiet rendezvous with our chefs for an Omakase meal or gather a large group to celebrate the start of the evening, Tokio Joe always delivers on our long standing promise of great food and great times, as our long standing motto is and remains: ‘What happens in Tokio Joe, STILL stays in Tokio Joe’. 

Tokio Joe 

G/F, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2525 1889