Tate Dining Room unveils “AN ODE TO TOFU”, the latest 7-course single-ingredient lunch menu for HK$780*


20th June 2020 – (Hong Kong) 1-Michelin-starred TATE Dining Room by Asia’s Best Female Chef Vicky Lau presents a refined single-ingredient lunch menu with a French Chinese twist. Following a successful series of An Ode to Eggs and An Ode to Rice, Chef-patron Vicky Lau now shines the spotlight on Asia’s most popular soy-based protein – the versatile tofu.

Guests may rest assured that at Tate Dining Room, everything that enters the kitchen is sustainably and locally sourced where possible as a basic standard. From the seeds of farmers, heritage and heirloom crops, production methods and fishing techniques, to the conditions under which livestock is raised and slaughtered — all are taken into consideration before putting together a new menu.

An Ode to Tofu features elevated renditions of protein-rich tofu, an ingredient so adaptable that it can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. Not only is tofu renowned for being a good source of protein, it is also gluten-free, low in calories and contains all nine essential amino acids in addition to iron, copper, zinc, calcium, and vitamin B1. 

In Chinese, “tofu” translates directly to “fermented beans”. Thus, during the creation of this menu, Chef Vicky Lau experimented with various beans from around the world, from soybeans and black beans to light red beans, Roman beans, and more. The stand-out was a non-GMO bean from Canada for its distinct soya flavour. She also explored the different tofu coagulants, such as nigari, gysu and Epsom salt, discovering that each variant produces a completely different texture and mouthfeel. An Ode to Tofu comprises of fresh, homemade tofu – which differs vastly from its artificial-tasting store-bought counterpart – as well as tofu skin from a traditional local tofu shop.

The menu begins with Crispy Marinated Tofu, a dish created out of Chef Vicky’s love for deep-fried tofu, and which comes with a nostalgic whiff of stinky tofu from being marinated first in fermented shrimp and cheese broth. The second course is Cold Noodles with yuba, which is a thin sheet that forms when boiling a vat of soy milk, and beef tartare. The inspiration behind this dish comes from Chef Vicky’s own ma po tofu, and likewise, is served with an assortment of Sichuan spices. 

Reviving an ancient Chinese recipe from Sichuan, Chicken Tofu does not in fact contain any tofu, but resembles the same soft, gelee texture. This is complemented by Iberico ham, braised abalone and light verbena oil. The heartwarming Chinese-style Lobster Stew features tofu and spice oil, and this is followed by a dessert of Soy Cream with lychee gelee and rose sponge. To conclude the tofu feast, enjoy bites of mignardises from the famous TATE dessert trolley, or a supplemental selection of house cheeses.

Lunch at TATE Dining Room is available on Fridays and Saturdays from 12pm-2:30pm. Priced at HK$780+10% per guest, the seven-course lunch menu will feature refined innovative French-Chinese interpretations of tofu – the chosen single ingredient for July and August. Depending on the seasonality and availability of ingredients, every one to two months, Chef-patron Vicky Lau will choose a different single ingredient focus. Optional sommelier-led wine pairings by Francois Ferrand begin at an additional HK$480 for three glasses, and HK$780 for six glasses.

“Tofu is an often-misunderstood ingredient with a bad reputation. However, I hope to prove that tofu is in fact one of the most enjoyable and nutritious dishes to be had during the summer season,” says Chef-Patron Vicky Lau. “Never have I worked with an ingredient that is as versatile and with such a variety of textures as tofu – much more than any meat or seafood.”

TATE Dining Room Friday & Saturday Lunch Menu


+3 glasses of wine pairing HK$480

+6 glasses of wine pairing HK$780


Petit Sale
Tofu sheet tartlet with crab meat, pickled mushroom with hard tofu
Amuse Bouche
Fresh homemade tofu with pickled daikon


Crispy Marinated Tofu
Shrimp, fermented cabbage sauce


Cold Noodle
Yuba, beef tartare


Chicken Tofu

Iberico ham, braised abalone, verbena oil


Soya Fish Broth

Mandarin fish


Lobster Stew
Tofu, spice oil

Supplement: Ode to Cheese (+HK$120 per person)
Assorted house cheeses, accompanied with Chinese condiments


Soy Cream
Lychee gelee, rose sponge


Ode to Chinoiserie

Mignardises Surprise

About Chef Vicky Lau – Founder of Tate Dining Room 

The undisputed queen of innovative French Chinese fine dining in Hong Kong, Chef Vicky Lau takes pride in her talent for visual artistry from her previous life as a graphic designer. Her innate creativity is evident in the seasonally evolving tasting menu of “Edible Stories”, each course designed by Chef Vicky Lau to evoke emotions and stir the imagination with an intriguing play on flavours and textures. Chef Vicky Lau’s culinary skill and artistic talent earned TATE Dining Room’s first MICHELIN star in 2013, successfully maintaining its star in the years that followed. In 2015, she was named Asia’s Best Female Chef by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Follow her culinary endeavors on Instagram at @ChefVickyLau.


About TATE Dining Room

Established in 2012, TATE Dining Room is a fine dining restaurant serving an eclectic mix of French and Chinese cuisine presented in what they call, Edible Stories – an exploration into culinary expressionism. The talented individuals of TATE’s team create dishes with not only the freshest and the most vibrant ingredients possible, but also the utmost attention on quality, flavor and every intricate detail; serving up wholesome yet tantalizing dishes. Founded by Vicky Lau, chef and owner of TATE who has always been a creative spirit. Having been a creative director for a number of years, she was inspired to tap into an extra dimension to her creative vision – and her lifelong passion for food – and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu to obtain her Grand Diplome. 

Following her stint at Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Lau officially made her maverick move from design to embark on her culinary career and was working at one of the most acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurant in Hong Kong. Having gained invaluable firsthand experience, Chef Lau realized her vision by combining the best of her instincts and talents in design and food into a space where guests are invited to share and experience her passion — at TATE Dining Room & Bar. In 2015, Chef Lau has been named Veuve Clicquot Asia’s Best Female Chef and the restaurant has also been consecutively awarded 1 Michelin star since 2013.

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