Savour Korean, Vietnamese, Cantonese Dim Sum and Singaporean cuisines under one roof at J.A.M. in Central

J.A.M. Joint Asian Market

 26th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) J.A.M. Joint Asian Market recently opened its doors in December 2020 in the heart of Central and it offers authentic Korea comfort food, Vietnamese Classics, Dim Sum and Singapore Favorites in a one-stop modern 200-square-meter space at Lobby, Nexxus Building, 41 Connaught Road Central. The new dining concept by ZS Hospitality Group serves Asian delights in a convivial atmosphere, providing an ideal venue for colleagues, friends, or family to enjoy a delicious ‘grab and go’ meal or drink. 

 Four celebrated talents are heading a culinary jam session all under one roof, each representing their passion in presenting the best flavours of Korean, Vietnamese, Cantonese Dim Sum and Singaporean cuisines. Each celebrated chef reimagines traditional food that pay homage to bold, local and authentic culinary delights of Asia’s street food culture, accompanied by an extensive range of special drinks and cocktails. They are:

Mamalee Market: Korean Home-style Deli by Chef Song Ha-seul-lam; 

Moi Moi: Authentic Vietnamese Classics by Chef Dinh Dinh-Tuan; 

SiFu: Dim Sum with a Twist by Chef Cheung Kin-Ming; 

Uncle Quek: Singaporean Favourites by Chef Barry Quek 

Now during its soft opening, J.A.M. offers one set menu from each cuisine. Following the official launch, J.A.M. will serve a rotating menu on a weekly basis with brand new offerings once every three months. From 12.00 to 2.00pm, J.A.M. presents a rotating set lunch menu available for dine-in or takeaway. Diners can opt between four different three-course set menus from each respective brand, with an optional beverage available at HK$10 or HK$20. Each set is currently priced from HK$138 to HK$158. From 2.00 to 5.30pm, J.A.M. will serve afternoon tea menus, all including one beverage, priced from HK$98 to HK$128. Guests are encouraged to browse and explore the counter and self-ordering kiosk, which feature a variety of authentic Asian dishes elevated from homegrown comfort food, local roadside diners, and neighbourhood street stalls. Catering for plant-based diets, vegetarian dishes will be available very soon – some items include Gỏi Bưởi Chay pomelo salad by Moi Moi, Steamed Black Truffle Mushroom Dumplings by SiFu, Achar Salad by Uncle Quek, and more. *Please Note: Menu offerings at J.A.M. will change from time to time, please refer to their website for latest updates. 

Mamalee Market 

The first international outpost of Seoul-based Mamalee Market will offer classic dishes found in local Korean households. The menu developed by Chef Song Ha-seul-lam, who was the culinary director at the renowned 2-Michelin-Starred Mingles in Seoul, present appetisers like Korean Fried Chicken served with gochujang (sweet chili sauce) and Kkakdugi radish kimchi as a spicy and crunchy condiment. The menu continues with a comforting Tteok-Mandu-Guk beef rib soup simmered for five hours and served with pork dumplings and rice cake. For dessert, Chef Song has brought one of the popular street snacks from South Korea, Bungeoppang red bean fish-shaped bun, which will be served during the winter season. The  fresh produce and products used to create these recipes are sourced directly from Korean producers wherever possible. The set lunch menu is priced at HK$158 and an additional HK$10 for Honey Citron Tea. 

Moi Moi 

By eschewing MSG and artificial ingredients, Chef Dinh Dinh-Tuan presents a host of healthy family-style Vietnamese recipes focused on fresh produce, aromatic herbs, and homemade sauces. The rotating menus will offer a glimpse into Vietnamese cuisine, including savoury flavours from under-the-radar regions of the North and to the sweeter and spicier flavours from the South. The menu begins with delectable starters such as Gà Xé Phay chicken cabbage salad, and Bánh Mì Chiên Tôm deep fried cheddar shrimp toast. For the main course, guests can dig into the Bún Chả Cá served with turmeric sole and cold rice vermicelli, sourced locally from Vietnam. Desserts are reminiscent of popular local treats including a delightful Bánh Da Lợn steamed layer cake presented in beetroot and pandan flavours, and Bánh Flan, a traditional Vietnamese crème caramel topped with a layer of pandan-infused caramel. The set menu is priced at HK$138 and an additional HK$20 for Vietnamese Drip Coffee. 


At SiFu, traditional Cantonese favourites are given a new lease of life by Chef Cheung Kin-Ming, the current Sous Chef of two Michelin-starred Ying Jee Club. Using premium ingredients, guests can enjoy an array of traditional Cantonese dim sums with a modern twist. The set menu is comprised of local classics such as Baked Barbeque Pork Bun, Steamed Chicken Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf and Jumbo Chicken Bun with Quail Egg, as well as reinterpreted dim sum such as Steamed Abalone and Pork Dumpling and Mini Winter Melon Puff with Lotus Seed Paste. The set menu is priced at HK$138 and an additional HK$20 for Fook Ming Tong Cold Brew Oolong or Jasmine Tea, available exclusively at J.A.M. 

Sichuan Spicy Minced Chicken Noodles

Uncle Quek 

Helmed by Chef Barry Quek, Uncle Quek presents a selection of local Singaporean dishes, from traditional favourites to bold renditions of classic dishes – all without MSG. The menu begins with small-plated appetisers like Har Cheong Gai shrimp paste chicken wings and Otah-Otah grilled fish cake in banana leaf. For the main course, don’t miss out on the Beef Rendang: a wonderfully intense curry of braised beef ribs served with a fried egg, peanuts and spiced fried fish, and Bak Chor Mee spicy pork noodles, a popular street food found in Singaporean hawker centres. Top off a hearty meal with a sweet treat such as Cendol with refreshing coconut and red bean, or Kueh Salat, a fragrant steamed pandan glutinous rice cake. Milo Dinosaur, a highly popular chocolate malt drink, is also available for HK$20 during lunch. 

Vegetarian set.

Drinks at J.A.M. 

J.A.M. boasts an impressive selection of beverages inspired by the unique culture and heritage of each brand. Guests will discover popular local beers including Saigon Beer by Moi Moi, Tiger Beer by Uncle Quek, and Korean craft beer by Mamalee Market. In addition to alcoholic drinks, SiFu offers a list of special drinks and teas – including Fook Ming Tong’s Cold Brew Jasmine Tea and Cold Brew Oolong Tea, available exclusively at J.A.M, as well as homemade Apple & Pear Tea. 

J.A.M. will soon offer a curation of Asian marketplace goods, including aromatic spices, staple condiments, and homemade jam and sauces. Additionally, J.A.M. will also unveil an extensive range of special mocktails and cocktails made with a signature ingredient that represents each region: kimchi for Korea, pandan for Singapore, winter melon tea for Vietnam, and osmanthus for China. These exciting offerings will be available to be enjoyed with your meal or for take-away. 

Address: Lobby, Nexxus Building, 41 Connaught Road Central 

Opening Hours: 12:00 to 17:00 (during soft opening) 


Telephone: +852 2808 1086