One-of-its-kind hairy crab feast served at Rakuteppanyaki in Jordan


26th November 2021 – (Hong Kong) It is believed many people in Hong Kong have tried eating hairy crabs in local Chinese restaurants since the beginning of its season in October. However, have you ever thought that hairy crab meals can also be savoured in Japanese-style izakaya? Rakuteppanyaki in Jordan is the first restaurant that serves hairy crab meal cooked in teppanyaki style. The hairy crabs are carefully sourced Jiangsu. The fresh crab meat is tender and full. Only hairy crabs weigh 8 tael each are used in the special menu and they are prepared with the best ingredients.

Most of the dishes are made with hairy crabs. The crab meat and crab roe are incorporated into the main dishes. There are 4 a la carte dishes, including the main attraction which is a the crab meat cooked in Teppanyaki-style. Seasonal salads are served as side dishes. The fish maw steak is cooked in an al-dente style with crab roe sauce. Other notable dishes includes the crab roe fried rice with eggs and seafood soup cooked with all natural ingredients. The ginger and Japanese purple sweet potato dessert is a must try.

The Teppanyaki-style hairy crab feast is served for a limited period only from now till 17th December between 6pm to 12am daily.

The original price was HK$1,388 and now diners can enjoy a 20% a discount for only HK$1,100. The feast is enough for 2 diners.


Address: Kay Pont Building, Shop 6, G/F, Wai Ching Street, Jordan.

Tel: +852-2885 8955