Newly opened bakery Puffbake in Tsim Sha Tsui draws attention despite mixed reviews


16th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Tsim Sha Tsui welcomes a new bakery, Puffbake, which has been operating for just a few weeks.

Headed by the former baker of The Ritz-Carlton, Chef O, who boasts over thirty years of bread-making experience, Puffbake wasted no time in pursuing its opening in Tsim Sha Tsui. The bakery showcases a wide variety of bread and pastries in its enticing display window, while the fully visible kitchen in the background adds to the overall appeal. The establishment also offers coffee, juices, and provides both dine-in and reheating services. The background and ambience appear promising, leaving customers with high expectations. However, personal taste preferences may affect the overall experience.

One of the notable items on the menu is the Corned Beef Egg Tart, priced at HK$18. Its star-shaped flaky crust and rich layers are given a delightful crispness when reheated in the oven. The subtle aroma of butter distinguishes it from the typical sweet egg tarts, leading some to compare it to an egg pancake. When sliced open, a whole egg and a sprinkle of savoury corned beef can be seen. The flavours are well-balanced, avoiding excessive saltiness, making it quite enjoyable.

Priced at HK$22, the Pistachio Cream Bun caught the attention of many with its soft and elastic texture. Generously filled with cream, the bun is topped with a layer of pistachio paste and crushed pistachios on the surface.  Unfortunately, the taste didn’t live up to expectations, lacking the richness one would anticipate.

Another creation worth mentioning is the Paprika Puff Baguette With Smoke Cheese, priced at HK$35. This pastry masterpiece is a fusion of baguette and croissant, with paprika mixed into the dough. Some have noted a slight bitter undertone, perhaps due to the paprika. The texture of the pastry was commendable, with a crisp exterior and a soft, resilient interior. However, considering the price point, the quality fell short, resulting in limited chances of repeat visits.


Address: Season Commercial Building, 3-3A, Humphreys Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui.