MUST TRY LIST: Sushi Hisayoshi at Harbour City launches new month-rotating menu to welcome Autumn


21st September 2022 – (Hong Kong) As Hong Kong’s appetite for omakase grows, Sushi Hisayoshi at the heart of Harbour City, led by Michelin-acclaimed chef Hisayoshi Iwa from Ginza and his protégé Tsukasa Kaneko, celebrates the best of the season with the introduction of new monthly-rotating menus, taking this revered omakase experience to another level. Chef Kaneko will showcase prized jewels from the ocean in a new autumn selection.

The seasonal delights are heightened with Chef Kaneko’s skilful culinary execution, with 7 new Appetisers presented in the 23-course “Hisayoshi” dinner menu. 

Autumn in Japan is known as Aki, and is one of the most spectacular times to visit the country thanks to charming vistas and sumptuous produce. To bring the spirit of the season to Hong Kong diners, the new menu highlights ingredients like Pacific Saury, a fatty and rich fish with dense, succulent flesh and incredible depth of flavour; in-season Matsutake Mushrooms accented with earthy and subtle floral notes; and colourful Salmon Roe brimming with sweet and umami brine. 

The seasonal delights are heightened with Chef Kaneko’s skilful culinary execution, with 7 new Appetisers presented in the 23-course “Hisayoshi” dinner menu. Maitake with Mittencrab and Salmon Roe features a medley of Shimeji, Maitake, Enoki mushrooms cooked until perfectly tender in a delicately balanced dashi, Japanese soy, mirin and mushroom stock before being paired with vibrant salmon roe and umami-rich mitten crab and embellished with a lotus leaf. The pleasing colours and clever layers of flavour evoke a true taste of Japan. 

Mixed Mushroom with Haircrab and Salmon Roe

Pacific Saury Roll with Vegetables and Mullet Roe Powder sees fatty and rich saury wrapped in seaweed, roasted until crispy, and paired with marinated scallions, shiso and sesame seeds which is finished with a sprinkle of sweet and fragrant mullet roe powder. The unexpected mix of ingredients will delight and surprise diners.

The chefs’ passion-driven creativity can also be seen in dishes like Monkfish Liver with Narazuke, which puts a contemporary spin on a much-loved traditional dish. Here, creamy monkfish liver is layered with fragrant narazuke — a traditional pickle from Nara — and crunchy rice crackers. The result is a sublime combination of textures and a balance of buttery and fruity flavours.

In Shabu-Shabu of Rosy Seabass with Matsutake, the flavourful matsutake is wrapped in the fatty and succulent seabass for a rich, full palate. The dish is rounded out with a perky vinaigrette broth that is perfectly balanced with shredded radish and scallions.

Blacklip Abalone with Liver Sauce Somen Noodle features a generously sized abalone that is steamed for 5 hours to achieve a melt-in-the-mouth tenderness. The abalone liver sauce is prepared in sake, mirin, soy sauce, and egg yolk, a combination which enhances the natural flavour of the prized mollusc.

Clams and Dried Persimmon Tempura is a study in contrasts: the sweet tenderness of clams and persimmon are given an unexpected crunch with their casing of homemade tempura batter, a combination of flavours that is brought together with a simple seasoning of sea salt.

Savouring the finest of Autumn’s harvest for a mesmerising gastronomic journey to Japan, diners at Sushi Hisayoshi can choose between two set dinner menus: the 21-course “Sumeragi” and the 23-course “Hisayoshi”, which are priced at HK$2,180 and HK$2,680 respectively. Both menus include Appetizer and Sashimi, Yakimono, 10 kinds of Sushi, Maki, Tamago, Soup and Dessert – Assorted Japanese Fruits to showcase the very best of Aki through impeccable ingredient selection and refined cooking techniques.

Sushi Hisayoshi

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