MUST TRY LIST : Sicilian restaurant in Central where everyone is welcome and treated like family


4th November 2021 – (Hong Kong) An unassuming Sicilian restaurant offering delicious comfort Italian food with a twist has opened on Hollywood Road in Central.

Sicilian is Cygnus Concepts’ third venture, where everyone is welcome and treated like family, just like it’s home. Conveniently located on Central’s Hollywood Road by the escalator, the new 58-seat venue will bring diners Sicily’s freshest produce, a live pasta station, enticing cocktail pairings, larger-than-life personalities, and more – showcasing the true Sicilian experience, from breakfast through to post-dinner drinks. 

Discover earthy-tone furnishings, colourful mosaic-like patterned floors, and perfectly scratched off-white walls, where hanging are lanterns, kettles, and family photos. The ceilings feature purple petunias native to Sicily, intriguing collections of saucers, teapots, wooden spoons, forks and brushes, large and small rolling pins, and impressive displays of raw spaghetti, pasta, and garlic chains. When dining guests can sit in the main area or at the long bar counter for prime views to pasta being tossed in large woks, homemade bread and pasta being rolled and flipped, or mixology-action at its finest. Moreover, each serving plate spots a contrasting shape, size, colour or pattern. 

The Kitchen is run by the Executive Chef Marco Furlan, who spent time in Sicily, and has since worked at some of Hong Kong’s top Italian restaurants for over twenty years. Marco, a non-conformist and non traditionalist, is highly passionate about his healthy cooking techniques.

He prides himself on Sicilian food where he puts his own rendition on classic Italian flavours. Always thinking about the customer, he accommodates to preferences, allergies, and intolerances – a firm believer that each dish needs a “plus and minus” to balance. All ingredients are freshly sourced with no artificial addition, many of which are delivered daily subject to the weather and availability. The bread, pasta and sauce are all made on the day to ensure absolute freshness. 

Executive Chef Marco Furlan

Signature appetizers include Capesante con crema di cavolfiori e caffe (HK$158) — a perfectly-seared scallop served with a unique “plus and minus” sauce of cauliflower and coffee, or the Baccalà tartare (HK$168) — freshly-served codfish combined with olives, cucumber and bellpepper. 

Capesante con crema di cavolfiori e caffe and Baccalà tartare

Signature mains comprise of Spinosini al granchio (HK$148) — a Sicily-favourite of hand-made pasta with crab meat, cherry tomato and pine nuts, the Mezzemaniche marsala masala lamb (HK$208) — stewed lamb with red curry and Sicily-signature marsala wine, or the Maccheroni alla Norma (HK$158) — a home-made eggless pasta with eggplant, tomato, ricotta cheese and olives. Diners must not miss out their Ravioli “MAMA’TO” (HK$188) — beetroot ravioli with pork eggplant, chili and white bean paste. Vegetarians can also try their Lasagna Siciliana (HK$148), a spinach lasagne with vegetables, egg, bechamel and cheeses. Both Ravioli “MAMA’TO” and Lasagna Siciliana are not greasy and yet they are very intensely flavourful.

Ravioli “MAMA-TO” and Lasagna Siciliana

Those with a sweet tooth can enjoy exquisite desserts including Sicily specialty the Cannolo Siciliano (HK$98) — a homemade wafer stuffed with sheep ricotta, the Cassata Sicilana (HK$118) – a traditional Sicilian cake with almond, marzipan, ricotta, pistachio, chocolate, nuts, candied fruits, chocolate and liquor, or the restaurants ultimate Chocolate Therapy (HK$158) – seven heavenly flavours of sea salt, mixed herbs, chili, truffle, mustard, black olives and a mystery ingredient that’s only revealed at the restaurant. 

Chocolate Therapy

Guests can enjoy an abundance of mocktails and cocktails prepared by Bar Manager, Richard Fernie, including a classic Aperol Spritz (HK$68), a special take on the Royal Mojito (HK$98), The Sinner Martini (HK$108) for those feeling daring, The Godfather (HK$108) for that photographic moment, and more. 

Cassata Sicilana

Value for money : 4/5
Taste : 4.5/5
Ambience : 4/5
Service : 5/5

Location: G/F, Shama Place, 30, Hollywood Road, Central

Tel: +852 9627 9486