MUST TRY LIST : Oyster Omakase at the newly relocated Raw Bar No.8 in Sheung Wan


4th October 2021 – (Hong Kong) Raw Bar No.8 (RB8), a hidden gem in Sheung Wan that serves the only “Oyster Omakase” in Hong Kong is the brainchild of Chris Chee who draws inspiration from the brilliance of French oysters and the bountiful culture associated with the delicacy. Oysters are adeptly shucked with the English technique that primes hygiene and preserves the integrity and flavour of the flesh.

The unpretentious facade and minimalistic interiors of RB8 definitely do not commensurate with the high quality of the food served.

In France, “oyster shucking” involves cracking and removal of the top shell of the oyster, the adductor muscle remains intact in the bottom shell. In England, the oyster shucker severs the adductor muscle from the bottom shell and flips around the oyster. RB8 adopts the English shucking technique while the oyster shucker takes a further step by checking for contamination that usually happens in the bottom shell. This technique ensures that the oyster is safe for consumption

As one who aims to live life passionately, Chris’ free-spirited nature is mirrored in the unique oyster Omakase menu offered at RB8 – a style that is well-loved by ardent customers. Noticing the lack of top-quality oyster cuisine experiences in Asia, Chris’ team is taking the leap of faith to introduce this novel curated Omakase dining experience.

The old Raw Bar No.8
Chris loves to be hands-on to serve his customers.
Carbonara (HK$168) served with Guanciale, eggs and cheese
Seared Silver Cod Fish served in sour cream with samphire, Tobiko and Pomme Puree (HK$298)
A4 Wagyu Beef served with caramelised shallots, aspargus, carrot, maitake mushroom and Pomme Puree (HK$498)
Don’t forget to save your stomach for their strawberry pana cotta.

RB8 is a casual-dining style oyster bar restaurant serving top quality oysters, seafood, steaks, chops, pasta and salad. It was previously located at the junction of Hollywood Road and Lok Ku Road from May 2018 to February 2021. The cosy, 22-seat restaurant’s owner Chris is a trained lawyer who took a break from the corporate world and collaborated with Hong Kong’s renowned oyster connoisseur John Stewart, aka Hong Kong’s King of Oyster. In July 2021, Chris teamed up with his partners, while RB8 was relocated to Bonham Strand West. The new restaurant is much bigger with a sitting capacity of 60, equipped with a 16-foot oyster bar and a VIP karaoke room.

RB8’s mission is to bring customers top quality oysters from around the world and educate on the safest ways to eat them raw. Instead of offering a wide variety of oysters i.e. 15 to 20 types from different continents, different countries, different oceans, different sizes, different prices; RB8 selects only 6 types of oysters daily and charges the same price for every piece regardless of the oyster brand. The selection criteria takes into account of the oyster flavour, meat ratio, texture and overall appearance. In other words, RB8 makes the selection on behalf of the customers! With this approach, customers are recommended to consume all the available oysters on display. Given the small selection and controlled stock, oysters are sold out quickly, within 2 days usually, new stock arrives the very next day hence freshness and quality are assured.

Diners can try the FULL oyster Omakase menu at HK$1,288 served with salad, 8 assorted raw oysters, soup, 4 pieces of cooked oyster and dessert paired with 3 house pour. Diners with smaller appetite can opt for the PETITE menu instead at HK$988 per person served with salad, 6 pieces of raw oysters, soup, 3 pieces of cooked oyster, dessert and paired with 2 house pour.

Apart from its oyster Omakase, other dishes did not fail to impress us as RB8’s chef who is previously from Amber at Landmark Mandarin Oriental whips up amazing beef tartare (HK$198), A4 Wagyu Beef served with caramelised shallots, aspargus, carrot, maitake mushroom and Pomme Puree (HK$498) and Seared Silver Cod Fish served in sour cream with samphire, Tobiko and Pomme Puree (HK$298). The creamy Carbonara (HK$168) served with Guanciale, eggs and cheese is also a must-try dish.

Value for money : 4/5
Taste : 4.5/5
Ambience : 3.5/5
Service : 4/5


Ground Floor No, 52 Bonham Strand West, Sheung Wan.

Tel: +852-9588 7988