MUST TRY LIST – Ma…and The Seeds of Life, a unique vegan fine dining experience in Central


16th December 2020 – (Hong Kong) Hidden on the 1st floor of H18 CONET in Graham Street in Central is this new French Raw-Vegan Restaurant, Ma…and The Seeds of Life, an 1,800-square-foot chic restaurant that offers a vegan fine dining experience for those who don’t eat meat, seafood, dairy or processed food either for ethical or health reasons. As more Hongkongers are becoming more health-conscious, the demand for vegetarian and vegan eateries are also increasing.

Ma…and The Seeds of Life is helmed by French chef Tina Barrat who has worked previously as a jewellery designer, private chef. This latest vegan venture falls under the purview of OBH F&B Group Ltd which also owns T8, Teppanyaki restaurant in LKF, another must-try eatery recommended by us. The group’s other restaurants include Protein & Plants, and Fruits & Fibre, both in Wellington Street, Central.

Raw veganism is about no heat-treating beyond the point of life for any of their food. This means that food is consumed at a fully raw state, soaked, sprouted, dehydrated at low temperatures, or gently warmed up which means it is packed with its original nutrients density. Barrat’s fresh take on raw veganism will surely bring diners on a mesmerizing gastronomic journey and raise awareness of raw veganism benefits, such a boosting the digestive system, supporting weight loss and fuelling the body of life energy to get through our fast-paced lives in Hong Kong. MA was created to pay homage to the successive generations of talented cooks in Chef Barrat’s family, and to mother nature who protects, provides for and beautifies life.

Chiaviar, cashew cream, blinis (Cooked + Raw) and beetroot lemongrass soup.
Baked zucchini cannelloni
Portobello burger in cashew truffle sauce
Portobello burger in cashew truffle sauce
Triple deck mixed berries cheese cake (HK$95), Passion fruit cheese cake (HK$75), Chia Pudding with berries (HK$75).
The Cheese Platter with chutney, grapes, crackers, bread – 3 Cheeses

The lunch menu we tried was a 2-course (Starter + Main) (HK$250). The starter i.e. Chiaviar, cashew cream, blinis (Cooked + Raw) we savoured was very close to the real deal except that no fish was harmed in this process as the ‘Chiaviar’ tasted as good, if not, better than the Beluga caviar. The beetroot lemongrass soup has a very refreshing sour taste, the flavour is both understated and sophisticated at the same time.

For main dishes, we had baked zucchini cannelloni cooked with herbed cheese in fresh tomato sauce and roasted rosemary baby potatoes. This is also part of the 2-course lunch menu and we also ordered their signature Portobello burger in cashew truffle sauce (HK$250). The patty is made with their secret recipe and the Portobello mushroom itself offers a meaty and filling experience.

The days are long gone when the only cheese options available for dairy-free folks were rubbery, tasteless slices. Instead, Chef Barrat has created a variety of the most delicious cultured, artisan vegan cheeses to enjoy. In some ways, creating a plant-based cheese board today is almost overwhelming as there are so many options. The Cheese Platter with chutney, grapes, crackers, bread – 3 kinds of cheese (HK$168) comprises Shamembert, Brie: Pink Peppercorn and North Pole Star (with spirulina) is a good after-dinner healthy snack you can enjoy with your wine amidst good conversation.

Save some space for desserts as we highly recommend the Triple deck mixed berries cheese cake (HK$95), Passion fruit cheese cake (HK$75), Chia Pudding with berries (HK$75). The Chia Pudding with berries has a less creamy texture than the usual rice pudding but it’s clearly a winner.

Meanwhile, to welcome the festive season, Chef Tina Barrat has specially curated an ultimate 5-course Christmas menu which is available for diners to indulge in from 15 till 31 December 2020. The special menu features the signature Faux-gras, King Oyster Scallop, the immaculately put-together vegan cheese and more delectable dishes.

Value for money :4.5/5
Taste : 4.5/5
Ambience : 4/5
Service : 3/5

Address: Shop No.11, 1/F, H18 Conet, 23 Graham Street, Central.

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 12:00 – 22:00

Phone Number: +852-3165 1717 or +852-6469 4533 (WhatsApp)