La Brasserie in Central expands to bring the authentic taste of France to a wider audience


8th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) La Brasserie, the highly acclaimed French dining destination in Central, is thrilled to announce an exciting expansion that aims to make the authentic taste of France accessible to a wider audience. Chef Patron Andre L’Herminier and his team are determined to challenge the perception that French cuisine is always expensive. They believe that exquisite French dining should be enjoyed by everyone, making the joy of a culinary journey accessible on a daily basis.

Chef Andre L’Herminier expresses his belief in the power of good food to bring people together, emphasising the importance of taking the time to enjoy these moments with friends and family. La Brasserie aims to be the place where people from all walks of life can gather and create lasting memories.

To cater to the discerning palates of Central diners, La Brasserie has introduced a brand new “Plat du Jour” (Dish of the Day) menu. Priced at an attractive HK$158 per set, guests can indulge in seasonal specials. The current selection includes grilled Entrecôte (Ribeye steak) or Steak Tartare, both served with crispy homemade pommes paille and a tangy green salad. This quick and hearty lunch option is perfect for the busy Hong Kongers looking for a satisfying meal.

La Brasserie_Bisque de homard (L), Soupe a l’Onion (R).

La Braseerie_Poulet crapaudine, Crispy layered potatoes with thyme & rosemary.
La Brasserie_Chateaubriand de boeuf.
La Brasserie_Côte de boeuf, Creamy mashed potatoes façon Joël.
La Brasserie_Homard a L’Americaine (Whole Grilled Lobster)

For those craving more culinary delights, La Brasserie offers a regular Lunch Set menu starting from HK$328 for two courses and HK$398 for three courses. With generous portions and refined presentation, the classic lunch set is not only ideal for executive lunches or special treats but also leaves diners visually and appetisingly satisfied. The new lunch set, available from 5th February, 2024, features delectable dishes such as Beef Carpaccio, 63-degree Egg with Truffle, Pan Fried Skate Wings, La Brasserie’s classic Bouillabaisse, and the ever-popular Duck Confit.

For dessert enthusiasts, a pastry and coffee set is available from 3 pm to 6 pm at an irresistible price of just HK$88. Guests can choose from a daily selection of pastries and cakes. These ethereal confections are also available for takeaway at a great deal starting from HK$48 each.

La Brasserie’s Pastry Chef, Anthony Cheung, meticulously selects the finest ingredients for his creations. From macarons with delicate crusts hugging chewy fillings to mousse-like cheesecakes and fruit tarts layered with pastry cream, there are numerous options to please both the eye and the palate.

While the à la carte menu remains the star of La Brasserie’s extensive offerings, providing exceptional value for money, the restaurant also offers a varied selection to suit intimate dinners, celebrations, and special occasions. Signature dishes include the magnificent Côte de boeuf, a bone-in ribeye steak served with a rich Béarnaise sauce, and the impressive Poulet Crapaudine, butterflied chicken cooked to perfection in a nuanced sauce of lemon miso and sour plums. Seafood lovers should not miss the Homard a L’Americaine, a whole grilled lobster served with Americaine sauce.

While reservations are highly recommended, La Brasserie warmly welcomes walk-ins throughout the day, allowing guests to experience the flavours of France at their convenience. Chef Andre and his team aspire for La Brasserie to become an important neighbourhood institution where the community can come together to enjoy a good meal. With this significant expansion coinciding with the restaurant’s first anniversary, the pleasure of savouring the little luxuries of a Parisian-style brasserie has truly become an everyday indulgence for all in Hong Kong.

Alors, bon appétit!

Note: All prices mentioned in the press release are subject to a 10% service charge.

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