Inject a dose of sunshine into your routine with the arrival of S.E.A. Eatery at Tai Koo Place


24th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) S.E.A. Eatery, the newest culinary gem to grace Tai Koo Place, invites you to embark on a tantalising journey through the vibrant flavours of Southeast Asia. With a captivating blend of aromatic spices and flavorful herbs from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, and more, S.E.A. Eatery promises to awaken your senses and infuse your everyday routine with a thrilling burst of joy.

Stepping into S.E.A. Eatery, you’ll immediately be captivated by the vibrant interiors that serve as the restaurant’s focal point. The dynamic colors, exquisite decorations, and enticing aromas capture the essence of Southeast Asian street food culture, transporting you to bustling markets and exotic locales. Take a moment to soak up some inspiration at the street-facing bar while indulging in the lively ambiance.

The attention to detail in the decor is evident, with thoughtful destination-led touches throughout the restaurant. From floral motifs on the tabletops to retro floral-pressed glass panes, old school thermos containers to colourful ceramics adorned with roosters and elephants, every element is carefully curated to whisk you away to tropical paradises and provide a feast for your eyes as well as your taste buds.

At S.E.A. Eatery, the menu is a culinary melting pot, combining specialty ingredients and seasonings to create innovative and mouthwatering interpretations of beloved flavors. Indulge in the Rojak fruit salad, where a house-made sauce infused with tamarind, belachan, black sesame oil, and prawn head juices coats a delightful assortment of crunchy and tangy fruits and vegetables, topped with crushed peanuts. For a play on textures and flavors, savor the Duck Larb Lettuce Cups, featuring a delectable minced filling of stir-fried duck meat, Thai coriander, chilies, and fish sauce, served with fresh lettuce cups and deep-fried Vietnamese rice paper crackers.

Grilled skewers, a staple of Southeast Asian street food, take centre stage at S.E.A. Eatery. Delight in a wide variety of grilled meats and vegetables complemented by satay and sambal sauces infused with a symphony of 10 to 20 herbs and spices in each recipe. The Grilled Pork Belly with Sambal Bajak is a must-try, with its meticulously crafted flavours resulting from a slow-cooked sambal blend of chilies, shallots, garlic, and tomato, brushed onto the grilled meat multiple times to achieve a marbled texture and irresistible aroma. Vegetarian options include Grilled Okra, Corn, or Pineapple skewers, grilled in plain butter or a spicy compound butter made from Thai beer, onion, and Sriracha.

S.E.A. Eatery proudly boasts two head chefs with deep roots in Malaysian and Vietnamese cuisine, along with extensive knowledge of culinary techniques from various cuisines. Many of the dishes on the menu are personal creations, showcasing the chefs’ exceptional talent. Indulge in the Grilled Whole Spring Chicken, where the chicken is deboned except for the wings, marinated for hours in palm sugar, coriander, and other seasonings, and grilled to perfection. Pair it with the house-made Sambal Matah, a tantalising blend of fried lemongrass, galangal, shallots, and crushed fried glutinous rice.

Chef Eddie’s creative twist on the classic Cambodian dish, Chicken Amok, features tender chicken thigh infused with lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, and coconut milk, steamed in a banana leaf with an egg for unparalleled tenderness and aroma. Chef Cinderella’s signature dish, the Thai-style Braised Pork Leg, boasts succulent meat braised with peppercorn, star anise, cinnamon, sugar, and dark soy sauce, alongside aromatic ingredients like galangal, Thai basil stalks, Thai coriander berries, garlic, ginger, and spring onions. The dish is perfectly complemented by stir-fried Chaozhou pickled vegetables caramelised with sesame oil and sugar.

Seafood lovers will be delighted by the selection at S.E.A. Eatery. From Grilled Squid with Chili Herb Powder to Poached Blood Cockles with Thai Seafood Sauce, each dish showcases the region’s finest flavuors. Don’t miss the Clams with Garlic & Chili, a tantalising combination of aromatic herbs, banana leaf, Thai basil, Thai coriander, shallots, Bird’s eye chilies, and lime, baked in a foil parcel for a burst of spicy, sour, and sweet flavours in every bite.

Curry enthusiasts will find their cravings satisfied with S.E.A. Eatery’s selection of rich and flavorful curries from various corners of Southeast Asia. The Assam Curry Grouper Fish Head, a Malaysian specialty, features a tantalizing blend of lemongrass, chilies, shallots, curry powder,tamarind, and coconut milk, creating a creamy and tangy curry that perfectly complements the tender fish head. For a taste of Thailand, try the Green Curry Chicken, prepared with Thai eggplants, kaffir lime leaves, Thai basil, and green chili paste, resulting in a fragrant and spicy delight.

To complete your culinary adventure at S.E.A. Eatery, indulge in the delectable array of desserts inspired by Southeast Asian flavours. The Pandan Coconut Panna Cotta is a must-try, with its luscious pandan-infused coconut cream topped with a sweet gula melaka sauce and crunchy caramelised coconut flakes. For a refreshing treat, savour the Mango Sticky Rice, featuring sweet Thai sticky rice paired with ripe mango slices and drizzled with a coconut cream sauce. End your meal on a high note with the Thai Milk Tea Tiramisu, a delightful fusion of flavours where layers of mascarpone cream and ladyfinger biscuits are infused with the distinct taste of Thai milk tea.

Whether you’re seeking a vibrant lunch spot or a memorable dinner experience, S.E.A. Eatery at Tai Koo Place promises to transport you to the captivating world of Southeast Asian cuisine. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, savour the explosive flavours, and let the culinary wonders of S.E.A. Eatery inject a dose of sunshine into your routine. Come and embark on a journey through the streets of Southeast Asia right in the heart of Tai Koo Place.

S.E.A. Eatery
Tel: +852 – 2529 3833
Address: Shop G1014-G1015, G/F, Yiu Shing Mansion, 14 Taikoo Shing Road, Tai Koo
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11.30am – 10.30pm