Exterminators kill thousands of cockroaches in ‘House of Horror’ at Fu Heng Estate in Tai Po


24th November 2021 – (Hong Kong) It was reported earlier that an apartment unit at Heng Lung House, Fu Heng Estate in Tai Po was hoarded with rubbish and cockroaches infected the entire space. Every time the unit is cleaned, a large number of cockroaches would scatter around the corridor and climb into the neighbouring unit. Even the upper and lower floors are also affected. It was alleged that the unit involved was a unit sold under the Tenants Purchase Scheme, and the man living alone was suspected to be an alcoholic.

A few days ago, a private pest control company offered to exterminate the unit for free. During the process, cockroaches were seen crawling all over the bodies of the exterminators wearing protective clothing. Thousands of cockroaches were subsequently killed with insecticides and the scene was extremely terrifying.

Tai Po District Councillor, Ho Wai-lam who is concerned about the incident, pointed out that although the pest control operation has wiped out a lot of cockroaches, the problem has not been completely resolved due to the extremely bad situation. He is also worried that if the daily behaviour of the householder does not improve, the same problem will still occur and affect the neighbouring units.

The company that was responsible for the ex-termination was NoBedBugs-HK. Nobedbugs-HK is a pioneering pest control company in Hong Kong that offers powerful, innovative and least-toxic solutions to exterminate pests, especially bed bugs and cockroaches, in both residential and commercial situations.