Enjoy the new Queen Elsa Royal Set at Plaza Inn in Hong Kong Disneyland


3rd September 2021 – (Hong Kong) Plaza Inn, located on the Main Street, U.S.A. of Hong Kong Disneyland, is the city’s only gastronomic destination offering Disney-inspired all-day Cantonese cuisine in an enchanting Victorian setting. Extending the Disney magic beyond thrill rides and live entertainment, Plaza Inn bring one’s childhood vivid imagination back to life with specially created Disney-themed dishes featuring the world’s most-loved characters like Mickey Mouse, Winnie The Pooh, as well as a Queen Elsa Royal Set available in this summer. Welcoming guests with a stately Victorian façade, the two restaurants inside Plaza Inn provide a grand yet relaxing ambiance for guests to enjoy a delicious and leisure meal, snacks or drinks in-between their adventures in the park.  

Chinese Comfort Food Exclusively Available at Plaza Inn Cha Cha Room 

At Plaza Inn Cha Cha Room, guests will be able to enjoy a wide selection of Chinese comfort food that showcases traditional cooking and creative presentation with a Disney theme to create a fun dining experience. The new Queen Elsa Royal Set (HK$ 398 per person; minimum for 2 persons) is a blend of timeless classics like Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Deep-fried Taro Dumplings, and Barbecued Pork and Poached Chicken, complete with a Hot Chocolate, or a Magic Smoothie. The set is also accompanied with an exclusive Frozen-themed mask cover and Queen Elsa colouring paper, available from now until 16th September 2021. The Five-course Lunch Set (HK$238 per person) includes all-time Cantonese favourites like Siu Mei Assortment and Almond Cream With Egg White. The Six-course All Day Special Set (HK$268 per person) is an indulgent feast with premium dishes such as Crabmeat With Egg White & Lobster Purée with crabmeat & egg white and Fried Rice with Diced Seafood and Chicken

When guests at Hong Kong Disneyland are looking for a lighter yet satisfying meal, they can enjoy the Afternoon Tea Set (HK$108 per person), which includes an exquisite Dim Sum Platter and a Fruit Juice of their choice. The restaurant is also the ultimate kiddie food haven with a fun-themed Dim Sum Set For Kids (HK$138 per person) and All Day Set For Kids (HK$158 per person).  Iconic creations not to be missed are Mickey’s Egg Custard Buns (HK$58) and Piglet’s Buns (HK$68), Princess Jelly with Fruit (HK$68) and Mickey Pudding (HK$108). For more casual dining experience, guests may enjoy a variety of Chinese delicacies in the à la carte menu, including food items such as Sweet and Sour Pork (HK$188), Mapo Tofu with minced beef(HK$158), Shrimp Dumplings with Bamboo Shoot (HK$62), Braised chicken feet in abalone sauce (HK$88) and Steamed shrimp and chives rice roll (HK$68).

Authentic Cantonese Cuisine In Style at Plaza Inn Jade Garden 

As a well-established empire and pioneer of Hong Kong’s dim sum culture and signature Guangdong dishes, Plaza Inn Jade Garden serves traditional and modern Cantonese fare. It sets the benchmark for “Chinese Cuisines, Western Services”, which particularly suits the grand Chinoiserie-styled interior that exudes a sense of glorious timelessness. On the menu, guests will discover a selection of Dim Sum with creative presentations and traditional culinary techniques. Notable Dim Sum includes signature Steamed Minced Shrimp & Pork Dumpling Trio with Goose Liver, Abalone and Scallop (HK$98); premium Barbecued Iberico Pork Puff(HK$78); Steamed Rice Rolls With Lobster And Vegetables (HK$92), and Baked Egg Tarts With Bird’s Nest (HK$78). 

Other guest favourites include Sautéed Angus Beef with Asparagus (HK$238) and Roast Goose (HK$188/ regular), a famous Cantonese dish with golden-crispy skin and succulent meat. Guests looking for other premium seafood dishes, they will be pleased to discover Braised Whole Superior Abalone (HK$598) and Braised Mock Shark’s Fin With Shredded Fish Maw & Abalone(HK$128), amongst other exceptional culinary treasures. There are also more selections on the menu include poultry, vegetables, and rice and noodles, which champion authentic Cantonese favourites with extraordinary flavours and ingredients. 

For the quintessential dim sum experience, the restaurant also serves a wide selection of premium tea and wine, as well as signature drinks like Mickey Soda (HK$65) and Rose and American Ginseng Honey (HK$65). Guests can also end their meal on a sweet note with playful Cantonese desserts like an impressive towering Fresh Fruit Napoleon Castle (HK$148) or “Hunny” & Mango Puddings (HK$88) with Winnie The Pooh character.