Dim Sum Library launches new Har Gau dumplings with a twist


19th August 2021 – (Hong Kong) With its first successful launch at Admiralty’s Pacific Place, Dim Sum Library opened in Tsim Sha Tsui’s ELEMENTS along with its elegant, 1920s-esque chinoiserie interior in 2020. Diners can indulge in their fusion dim sum while sipping away Chinese-inspired cocktails.

 Following the huge success and popularity of its debut Xiaolong Bao Series last year, Dim Sum Library continues to challenge tradition with contemporary twists on Hong Kong’s classic dim sum. This time around, Aqua Restaurant Group’s Chinese culinary masters are steaming up four brand-new aromatic renditions of the mighty har gau (crystal shrimp dumplings) inspired by the original Black truffle har gau and the seasonal Rosé Champagne har gau. 

Arguably Canton’s most prominent dim sum, har gau has reigned as one of the most popular dishes at Dim Sum Library. When the first shrimp dumpling infusions were introduced starting with the decadent Black truffle har gau and the pink Rosé Champagne har gau, they both became instant hits being the most photographed dishes of the restaurant. Inspired by these unique flavour pairings, Dim Sum Library’s innovative chefs have created four new colourful dim sum creations – all packed full-of-flavour. Each hero ingredient in the Har Gau Series is infused into the outer casing and is thoughtfully paired to complement the delicate prawn har gau filling to ensure a balance of flavours whilst showcasing key ingredients from East to West pushing the boundaries of contemporary dim sum. 

The Oregano Har Gau (HK$68 for three) is influenced by an essential ingredient of Mediterranean cooking. The versatile herb provides a subtle spice, adding peppery notes to each bite. Oregano is highly aromatic and is traditionally applied to fish and seafood, so the plump and juicy prawn filling is the perfect pairing. Dim Sum Library chefs also add coriander to provide another layer of sweet and citrus notes to this delicious and earthy har gau. 

 The Aged Mandarin Peel Har Gau (HK$68 for three) uses traditional Chinese seasonings and methods to marinate and dry the humble skins of small mandarins for over ten years to achieve an incredible sweetness followed by a distinctively smooth bittersweet taste. As the Chinese saying ‘苦盡甘來’ goes: ‘When bitterness ends, sweetness begins.’ The practice of using Chenpi (sun-dried mandarin peels) in traditional Chinese medicine dates back to the Song Dynasty and has since been a common ingredient in Chinese kitchens for over seven hundred years. The juxtaposition of the warming Chenpi paired with the juicy sweetness of the shrimp creates unusual flavours that will leave you wanting more. 

Another medicinal herb this time found in ancient Egypt over 5,000 years ago is still to this day a staple culinary herb most commonly associated with seafood. Dim Sum Library’s Dill Har Gau (HK$68 for three) awakens the taste buds with distinctive bursts of citrus and strong herbaceous and botanical flavours. The dill’s thread-like green leaves shines through the translucent wrapper and contributes to the vibrant green hue. 

The Yuzukoshō Har Gau (HK$68 for three) was created in collaboration with the Japanese chefs at Dim Sum Library’s sister restaurant Shiro and is inspired by Japan’s Kyushu local specialty. Yuzukoshō paste is crafted with fermented togarashi chilli peppers, yuzu peel (a citrus hybrid of lime, lemon and grapefruit) and salt which creates an aromatic spicy and citrus condiment that is typically used in nabemono hotpot and miso dishes. The trifecta of chilles, citrus, and salt come together in a powerful and distinctive flavour that enlivens and seasons this unique twist-on-tradition har gau. 

Dim Sum Library’s four new exquisite flavours of har gau are available for a limited time only. Each week, guests can enjoy a new innovative flavour that will have never been tasted anywhere before. Discover the Har Gau Series alongside signature favourites at Dim Sum Library in Elements Mall and Pacific Place open for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. 

The Charcoal Yuxiang crispy pork dumpling is also a must-try.

If you are at Dim Sum Library in Elements Mall, don’t forget to try out their Crispy boneless chicken with Chinese chives and steamed Alaskan black cod fillets with Chinese chines & Sichuan pepper. The aroma of the Sichuan pepper fused in perfect harmony with the black cod slices.

Crispy boneless chicken with Chinese chives
Steamed Alaskan black cod fillets with Chinese chines & Sichuan pepper.

If you love desserts, save some space for their Rose & tofu panna cotta and chilled hibiscus & guava pudding while enjoying their Qilin Guardian and Silk Road Bellini cocktails over some gossip.

Schedule of New Har Gau Series Menu: 9th Aug (Mon)  First week of each flavour  Oregano Har Gau 
16th Aug (Mon)  Dill Har Gau 
23rd Aug (Mon)  Aged Mandarin Peel Har Gau 
30th Aug (Mon)  Yuzukoshō Har Gau 
6th Sept (Mon)  Second week of each flavour  Oregano Har Gau 
13th Sept (Mon)  Dill Har Gau 
20th Sept (Mon)  Aged Mandarin Peel Har Gau 
27th Sept (Mon)  Yuzukoshō Har Gau 
4th Oct (Mon)  Third week of each flavour  Oregano Har Gau 
11th Oct (Mon)  Dill Har Gau 
18th Oct (Mon)  Aged Mandarin Peel Har Gau 
25th Oct (Mon)  Yuzukoshō Har Gau 


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