Zuzana Caputová, President of Slovakia attends a swearing-in ceremony in a matching outfit complete with mask


25th March 2020 – (Slovakia)  According to Huffington Post,  Zuzana Caputová, President of Slovakia attended a swearing-in ceremony of the new four-party coalition government in Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital, on Saturday in a head-to-toe color-coordinated look complete with a matching mask.

Caputová wore a rosy red boatneck dress with matching red pumps and red fabric mask for the occasion. Her outfit stood out even more because the rest of the attendees opted for standard light blue masks not at all coordinated with their outfits. 

The look is a bit “Handmaid’s Tale,” a bit confusing and, well, a bit chic? At least according to some of the over 150,000 people who liked a tweet calling her “corona drip” “impeccable.”