Zhejiang Province leads in 5G development with 220,000 base stations, promoting industrial internet


2nd December 2023 – (Hangzhou) Zhejiang Province, a thriving e-commerce hub in eastern China, has achieved a remarkable milestone in 5G infrastructure development with the establishment of 220,000 base stations, according to local communications authorities.

During the 2023 Yangtze River Delta 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference held in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang, Li Min, the deputy director of the provincial economy and information technology department, revealed that the province currently boasts over 33 5G base stations for every 10,000 residents.

In addition to the extensive network coverage, Zhejiang has made significant progress in fostering its industrial capabilities. Li stated that the province has successfully nurtured 653 provincial-level “future factories” and intelligent factories. Moreover, Zhejiang has constructed 535 provincial-level industrial internet platforms, showcasing its commitment to driving innovation and digital transformation.

China has emerged as a global leader in 5G development, exemplified by the country’s achievement of a staggering 2.84 million 5G base stations by the end of May. This noteworthy accomplishment reflects China’s ambition to construct the world’s largest and most advanced network infrastructure.

The implementation of 5G technology has immense implications for various industries, including telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation. With its extensive base station network, Zhejiang Province is poised to leverage the potential of 5G to accelerate the growth of the industrial internet. The robust infrastructure will enable faster data transmission, lower latency, and enhanced connectivity, laying a solid foundation for the integration of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

As Zhejiang Province continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies and digitalisation, it positions itself as a leading force in China’s digital economy. The province’s commitment to innovation and the development of a robust 5G ecosystem will undoubtedly contribute to its economic growth and competitiveness on both national and global scales.

The achievements in Zhejiang Province serve as a testament to China’s dedication to technological advancement and its determination to shape the future of digital connectivity. With the rapid expansion of 5G infrastructure nationwide, China is paving the way for transformative applications and ushering in a new era of connectivity and innovation.