Yumi from Singapore pop duo files report to police after being alleged to be sleeping with Taiwanese superstar Wang Leehom

    Yumi and Leehom

    18th December 2021 – (Hong Kong) The revelation posted on Instagram by Lee Jinglei, the wife of Taiwanese superstar, Wang Leehom has left many netizens baffled. Wang made a sudden announcement recently that both of them are in undergoing the process of divorce. However, more scandals continued to be revealed by the wife who alleged the involvement of Yumi, a singer of BY2 comprising twin sisters, Yumi Bai and Miko Bai.

    Yumi once called Wang ‘HomHom’ on her social media account before deleting it.

    One of the alleged woman whom he slept with, Yumi Bai from the Singaporean pop duo, BY2 posted on social media some time ago and called him “HomHom” affectionately. After Lee named her on social media, Yumi allegedly reported the incident to police and posted the police report at 4am today and expressed gratitude to the police. Lee rebuked her action and said today that she has evidence of them having affairs. Yumi also issued a statement via his agent on 16th December to refute the rumour.

    Lee continued “One day you didn’t call me at the end of the Shanghai concert, and I couldn’t find you in the morning. Later, I found out that you had a drink and partied with ‘the woman’ all night, and you also took various pictures of nipple covers and licked them. After the marriage, the relationship still continued. You already have me. After receiving a series of nude photos of her to congratulate you on your birthday, you also responded happily. You promised that you would not be in contact again, and I still found out about your relationship from time to time.There were some flirtatious messages between the two of you. One time, you didn’t want me to go with you in a commercial performance because she was present. She once wrote about you on social media calling you “HomHom” before deleting it.”


    Yumi issued a statement to show the police report lodged.

    Some netizens discovered that Wang had been online on Weibo in the early morning today.  Wang appeared at Beijing Airport for the first time after his wife issued a statement on social media.
    Wang Leehom spotted at Beijing airport this morning.