Yumi from BY2 pop duo issues statement to refute having affairs with Wang Leehom and admits she was his ex-girlfriend before his marriage

    Yumi and Leehom

    19th December 2021 – (Taipei) The revelation posted on Instagram by Lee Jinglei, the wife of Taiwanese superstar, Wang Leehom has left many netizens baffled. Wang made a sudden announcement recently that both of them are in undergoing the process of divorce. However, more scandals continued to be revealed by the wife who alleged the involvement of Yumi, a singer of BY2 comprising twin sisters, Yumi Bai and Miko Bai.

    One of the alleged woman whom he slept with, Yumi Bai from the Singaporean pop duo, BY2 posted on social media some time ago and called him “HomHom” affectionately. After Lee named her on social media, Yumi allegedly reported the incident to police and posted the police report at 4am today and expressed gratitude to the police. Lee rebuked her action and said today that she has evidence of them having affairs. Yumi also issued a statement via his agent on 16th December to refute the rumour.

    Yumi spoke again tonight (19th), emphasising that she has never intervened in the marriage of Wang and his wife, but admitted that she was the girlfriend of Wang before his marriage. She claimed that she met Wang in 2012. Although it was a long time ago, it was unforgettable and she was only 20 years old. She then said that Lee started officially with Wang in October 2013 after they broke up.

    She said that “On 27th November, 2013, I learned about his marriage to Lee through the media. I cried, but I convinced myself over and over again that it was reasonable for him to get married and settle down quickly at his age. Even if the bride was not me. If I rely on men, then I should have chosen to marry and have children at the peak of my career. The whole world is saying that the photo taken is the proof of my involvement in Mr. Wang’s marriage in 2015, but the photo was clearly taken in May 2013, and friends at the scene can testify. In 2015, we had already deleted each other’s WeChat friends. And the reason why the old photos of 2013 were suddenly released in 2015 was because I was arguing with my boyfriend at the time, and I was naive and wanted to piss him off, but then I felt inappropriate. Thinking about it now, my behaviour was indeed very childish. If this has caused misunderstanding, I apologise for that. This is the end of the matter. I really hope that Mr. Wang and Ms. Lee can negotiate and resolve the indifferences as soon as possible, so that no more others will be involved. Now I put aside all my thoughts these nine years that I have hidden in my heart, thank you for everyone who has taken time to read my statement.”