Yumi Bai from Taiwanese pop duo BY2 hospitalised after attempted suicide due to alleged involvement in Wang Leehom’s marriage


    22nd December 2021 – (Taipei) Member of Taiwanese pop duo group BY2, Yumi Bai was allegedly involved in the divorce of Wang Leehom. Wang Leehom, top mandopop singer in Taiwan, announced on Wednesday (15th) last week that he and his wife, Lee Jinglei have filed for divorce and Lee revealed on 18th December that she had evidence to prove that the two were sleeping together during their marriage.

    Yumi subsequently reported to police for slander and Lee asked Yumi to provide her with the police officer’s phone number so that she could provide evidence. She even uploaded a screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation between Wang and Yumi to silent her.

    Yumi’s friend uploaded a picture of her admission record.

    Yumi did not speak about the incident again but her friend revealed on social media that Yumi had attempted to end her life by swallowing a pill and went to seek medical help. Photos were uploaded on social media after she was admitted to hospital. Her friend then said “Wang Leehom! You know that Yumi was not involved in your marriage! If anything happens to Yumi, I will never forgive you!”