Yuen Long eatery owner expresses anger and frustration after 19 orders worth HK$1,200 are stolen


6th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) A small eatery located at Shop 10, G/F, Tung Fai Court, 2 Shui Che Kwun Street, Yuen Long recently took to their official Facebook page to express their anger and frustration after discovering that 19 orders had been stolen, leaving them with a debt of at least $1,200. The owner of the restaurant was furious, and accused the thief of stealing, stating that “taking without asking is theft!” The post went viral, with netizens discussing the incident and questioning the restaurant’s management practices.

According to the official Facebook page of the restaurant, the owner discovered the missing orders while preparing to balance their books at the end of the month. Upon further investigation, they found that at least 19 orders had been placed, but were not paid for. The owner was understandably angry and took to social media to express their frustration, stating that they would be closely monitoring the CCTV footage to identify the thief. They also warned that if the thief did not come forward and pay for the stolen orders within two days, they would consider reporting the theft to the authorities and even posting the thief’s photo in the restaurant to warn others.

The incident has sparked discussion among netizens, with some sympathising with the restaurant owner, while others have questioned their management practices. Some have suggested that the restaurant should have implemented a payment system before handing over the orders, while others have suggested that the restaurant should have been more vigilant in monitoring their orders. Despite the differing opinions, most netizens have expressed their support for the restaurant owner, with many condemning the thief’s actions.