Yoyo Mung and her husband HK singer Ekin Cheng’s funny game addiction: The couple’s hilarious interactions leave fans envious


    24th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) Yoyo Mung, aged 49, and Ekin Cheng, aged 55, are a couple that many people in the entertainment industry admire for their loving relationship. The two of them have a low-key and down-to-earth life after marriage. There were rumours that the couple moved to Japan two years ago, and Yoyo occasionally shares their daily life in Japan on Facebook, sometimes even posting sweet conversations between the two of them. It is well known that both Yoyo and Ekin love playing video games. Recently, Yoyo became obsessed with playing “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. Ekin advised her to take a break, but unexpectedly, he became addicted to the game himself and didn’t want to go out to eat. The couple’s humorous interactions are envied by many.

    The highly-anticipated annual game “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” was released on the 12th of this month. As a loyal fan of the game, Yoyo bought the physical game card on the day of release and posted a photo of it on Facebook, jokingly saying that she wanted to take a break from work and play games.

    At the same time, Yoyo also shared her funny daily experiences of playing video games with Ekin. Recently, Yoyo played the game until late at night and didn’t want to sleep. Ekin reminded her to rest, saying, “Hey, it’s already 2am, let’s go to bed.” However, Yoyo continued to play the game without eating or sleeping. Ekin then tried to persuade her, “Come on, let’s take a break.” Unexpectedly, Yoyo turned the tables and made Ekin play the game: “How about I give you a game to play?” The next day, Ekin became addicted to the game and didn’t want to leave the house, saying, “Let me play a little longer before going out.” Yoyo laughed and said that both of them are addicted to the game and can’t help themselves.