YouTuber in Malaysia exposed for false claims of buying a RM9.8m (HK$15.8m) house while actually renting


25th February 2024 – (Kuala Lumpur) A local YouTuber in Malaysia has been exposed for attempting to deceive netizens by falsely claiming to have purchased a RM9.7 million house, causing a stir on social media. The individual, showcased a lavish lifestyle to attract attention but was later discovered to be merely renting the property, not the actual owner.

The deception came to light when a real estate agent named Ishaq Marazi decided to investigate the claimed purchase. Isa reached out to fellow professionals in the industry and confirmed that the said property had not been sold yet. The owner had set an asking price of RM9.8 million (HK$15.8 million), and no buyer had been found as of yet. It became evident that the YouTuber had fabricated the entire story of buying the house.

The YouTuber had released a video announcing the purchase of the house for RM$9.7 million. In the video, the individual showcased a sum of money to a woman believed to be a real estate agent. However, upon conducting a property search online, Isa discovered that the YouTuber was, in fact, only renting the property and not the genuine owner.

Ishaq took to Facebook to expose the evidence gathered during the investigation, including details of the property’s monthly rental cost, which amounted to RM23,000. Furthermore, Isa raised concerns about the behaviour of certain internet personalities who succumb to the temptation of promoting illegal activities in their pursuit of a luxurious lifestyle.

The real estate agent expressed his disappointment, especially considering the significant influence these YouTubers wield over their young followers. He emphasised that many young individuals aspire to become internet stars and hope to attain wealth without pursuing formal education. Isa cautioned against promoting or engaging in gambling activities, as they can be highly addictive and have severe consequences, including financial ruin and strained relationships.