YouTuber claims crowdfunding of HK$300,000 to assist arrested individuals in leaving Hong Kong, police say fugitives will be pursued and returned according to the law


22nd November 2023 – (Hong Kong) YouTuber ‘Jason’ sparked controversy when he launched a crowdfunding campaign called “Eating Salad” in November 2019, which raised over HK$300,000. However, some netizens questioned whether he misappropriated the funds for personal use. In a recent video titled “The Truth” uploaded on his YouTube channel last Friday (17th), Jason addressed the allegations of fund misappropriation and being a fraud. He claimed that the raised funds were actually used to assist young individuals who were arrested during the anti-extradition bill protests and needed help leaving Hong Kong. Jason refuted the accusations made by netizens but admitted that all relevant information, including conversations, records, and evidence, had been deleted. He further stated that he would never return to Hong Kong and urged viewers to make their own judgments on the matter.

In response to the allegations, the police stated that they do not comment on individual remarks. However, they condemned any attempts to evade legal responsibility and emphasised that they would investigate and apprehend all fugitives according to the law, taking into account the actual circumstances of each case.

Jason, initiated the crowdfunding campaign in November 2019, raising over HK$300,000. However, subsequent allegations arose from netizens, questioning the diversion of funds for personal purposes. Recently, Jason revealed that the funds raised were actually used to assist young individuals who were arrested during the anti-extradition bill protests and needed to leave Hong Kong.

In the video, Jason explained that during the peak of the social movement, many young people, influenced by the prevailing environment or acting on impulse, engaged in more radical or intense activities, some of which garnered significant attention and risked longer prison sentences if convicted. He stated that the head of an organization responsible for assisting young people contacted him, requesting financial support to help several individuals leave Hong Kong. After careful consideration and direct communication with two of the young individuals involved, Jason decided to launch the crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and assist them.

Jason mentioned that during the same period as the crowdfunding campaign, he changed his car and developed new products for his brand, which attracted the attention of netizens who accused him of misusing the funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign. Feeling increasingly pressured by these accusations over the years, he decided to make the video and reveal the truth. He clarified that the funds he used to change his car and develop new products were his own, amounting to around HK$200,000, and were intended to camouflage the true purpose of the crowdfunding campaign, which was to assist the arrested young individuals in leaving Hong Kong. According to the crowdfunding platform, Jason received donations from 5,953 individuals, totaling HK$319,600.