YouTuber Carriage Lau, a participant in the “We Are Champs 2023” organised by Derek Cheung, taken away by police following press conference altercation in Admiralty

    Carriage Lau

    30th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) YouTuber Lau Chun-hin, also known as “Carriage Lau,” has been taken away by the police. Lau was scheduled to participate in the upcoming “We Are Champs 2023” organised by Derek Cheung. He was set to have a boxing match against another social media influencer, Haklam Lam. Lau, wearing a purple windbreaker, attended a press conference at the United Centre in Admiralty today. However, at around 6.10pm today as he was leaving the building, he was escorted into a police car by law enforcement officers. It remains uncertain whether he will be able to attend tomorrow’s competition.

    According to reports, he has been arrested by the police in connection with a sexual assault case that occurred yesterday (29th) in Tin Shui Wai. It is alleged that he touched the thigh of a 13-year-old girl. The case has been assigned to the Criminal Investigation Team of the Yuen Long Police District. This is not the first time Lau Chun-hin has been involved in such misconduct. In April of this year, he was also implicated in the sexual assault of three underage girls in Tin Shui Wai. He later admitted to three counts of sexual assault and was sentenced to 5 weeks in prison.

    LAu has been posting pictures of himself with a teenage girl on his Facebook page in the past few days. It is unknown if the teenager is the alleged victim.

    Eyewitnesses on the scene observed that the police had been waiting underground since around 4pm during the press conference. After the conference concluded, several plainclothes officers entered the building. Subsequently, two to three undercover officers approached Lau as he exited the building. They presented their credentials and detained him, escorting him into a police vehicle. Lau did not resist during the process.

    During the press conference, Lau proclaimed that he was not fighting for money but for the title of champion in the We Are Champs 2023. He accused Haklam Lam of sexual assault, expressing his disdain for Lam’s behaviour. Following the ceremony, Lau suddenly lunged at Lam, initiating a physical altercation. The assault lasted for a few seconds before security personnel intervened to stop the fight.

    The organiser of the We Are Champs 2023 held a weigh-in press conference today, where Lau, known as the “Beast from Tuen Mun,” appeared wearing a purple windbreaker. There were allegations that Lam attempted to bribe Lau with HK$20,000 to stage a fake boxing match. Lau emphasized that he was not fighting for monetary gain but for the title of overall champion in the Pegasus Cup. He even declared, “I’ll take your (Lam’s) skin for two billion.” Lau expressed deep-seated animosity towards Lam and accused him of sexual assault, claiming that Lam had “ruined people’s education and family.” Lau expressed his anger and choked up as he revealed that he had accompanied the victim to file a police report. He criticized those who pretended to be someone they’re not.

    After the weigh-in, Lau suddenly attacked Lam and assaulted him for a few seconds before security personnel intervened. The host of the event commented that they had anticipated such a scenario and were prepared with two tall individuals. Lam later responded by saying, “It’s Okay! Stay calm.” Lau also mentioned that he suffers from panic disorder and had contemplated suicide due to persistent online bullying and personal attacks.

    We Are Champs 2023, organised by Derek Cheung, is set to take place on 1st December at the Southorn Playground in Wan Chai. Cheung expressed his desire to provide a “legitimate and reasonable emotional outlet” for the people of Hong Kong and to support local production teams. From a pool of 700 boxers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other regions, the organiser selected 90 participants for the preliminary selection. Ultimately, 24 “warriors” from 12 teams were chosen to participate in the competition, including former member of YouTube Channel Manner, Jeffrey Fok, and celebrity Roy Chow.