YouTube Hong Kong reveals top trending videos, music, and creators in 2023


    11th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a much-anticipated announcement, YouTube Hong Kong unveiled the city’s top 10 trending videos, music, and creators for the year 2023. This year’s results reflect the integral role that YouTube plays in the daily lives of many Hong Kongers. A market survey revealed that 89% of Gen Z YouTube viewers in Hong Kong appreciate the platform for its unique content that cannot be found elsewhere. In June 2023, Hong Kong residents spent an average of over 85 minutes per day exploring creative videos and music on YouTube, surpassing the previous year’s average by 5 minutes.

    Since its official launch in Hong Kong in 2019, YouTube Music has garnered significant popularity among local audiences. It stands out by seamlessly transitioning between music and video, making it one of the most sought-after music streaming platforms.

    This year’s top trending videos showcased Hong Kongers’ keen interest in informative content related to local affairs. The first-place video, “花墟惡霸花店 2 | 見證警署警長「英勇執法」:我94年守呢度啦 你94年喺度未啊?下一集大逆轉?(一連三集)|Channel C HK”, created by “Channel C HK”, focused on hot topics, breaking news, and culture. “Rice Zi (米紙)” secured the second position with their video “#米紙|22歲單親媽媽為前夫還債入地盤做泥水 日搬運與自身體重相約45KG水泥為搵兩餐 無懼旁人白眼獨力承擔兩名女兒開支 只冀一家三口能安穩團聚 #筆記紙”. The video “#MM|9歲起賭波跑馬打牌 00後上「戒癮島」搣甩賭癮 正生書院由戒毒所變自然學校 學揸船、剪髮、射箭、泥水 全年沖凍水涼 2年不得離島 學生曾跳海逃跑 島上禁拍拖私藏零食|#700萬種生活 #4K” by “Mill Milk” claimed the third spot.

    Heartwarming stories and exclusive artist interviews also captivated audiences, with “The Do Show 獨家專訪|何超 陳子聰|子聰險喪命及截肢|近況及病史首度公開|每朝暴食 著到隻粽 只為夫暖腳” by “The Do Show” ranking fifth. Another notable inclusion was “【熊館】熊仔頭:『多謝睇左十年!有緣再見』” by “FHProductionHK,” a farewell video for a local channel that had been active for a decade.

    Cantopop dominated the Top Trending Music Videos chart, with local artists claiming the top three spots. MC Cheung TinFu secured first and seventh place with “世一 The One For U” and “抽 Inhale,” respectively. Members of the local boy band MIRROR also had a strong presence, with Keung To’s “DUMMY” and “追,” Ian Chan’s “再見 寧靜海,” and Eden Lui’s “LOVERSE” ranking among the top 10. Hins Cheung’s “隱形遊樂場,” JISOO’s “꽃(FLOWER)” from Korean girl band BLACKPINK, and IVE’s “아이브 ‘I AM'” also made the list.

    “The Do Show” hosted by DoDo Cheng YuLing was crowned as the Top Creator and Breakout Creator. After leaving television last year, DoDo launched her YouTube channel as a freelancer, focusing on exclusive interviews with well-known guests. Her channel claimed the top positions on both lists, showcasing her charisma and exceptional interview skills. “健康嗎 Health Code” ranked third on the top creator list and second on the breakout creator list. This channel featured health and wellness content, including exercise routines, healthy recipes, and mental well-being tips. The second spot on the top creator list went to “Channel C HK,” known for its thought-provoking news analysis, cultural discussions, and investigative reports.