Youth Link: Hong Kong launches new youth network for talent development


30th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Miss Alice Mak, the Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs, presided over the kick-off ceremony of the Youth Link today, an exciting initiative spearheaded by the Home and Youth Affairs Bureau (HYAB) in collaboration with a group of enthusiastic young individuals.

Recognising the vital role of youth development, the government has placed great emphasis on this area. In December of last year, the HYAB unveiled the Youth Development Blueprint, with the establishment of a youth network being one of its key initiatives. The chosen name, “Youth Link,” underscores the government’s vision of connecting young people and providing them with ample opportunities to hone their skills and contribute to the community. By engaging energetic, diverse, and competitive young individuals dedicated to community building, the Youth Link aims to cultivate a talented pool of youth for Hong Kong’s future.

During the ceremony, Miss Mak emphasised that the HYAB is committed to providing Youth Link members with training, tailored activities, and opportunities to engage in public affairs. These include sessions on public policy exchange, study tours to both mainland China and overseas destinations, and participation in various large-scale government events. These initiatives aim to support young people in developing diverse talents while fostering effective communication, interaction, and mutual trust between the youth and the government.

The Youth Link targets participants between the ages of 12 and 39. In its initial phase, nearly 5,000 youths have already joined the network, having participated in youth development programs organized or supported by the HYAB and 18 District Offices. The recruitment drive will gradually extend to include youth development programs offered by other government departments.

Distinguished guests attending the ceremony included Ms. Shirley Lam, the Permanent Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs; Mr. Clarence Leung, the Under Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs; and Mr. Kenneth Leung, the Vice-Chairman of the Youth Development Commission. Representatives from district youth networks were also present to show their support.

Following the kick-off ceremony, Miss Mak visited the Youth Programmes Highlights cum Entrepreneur Bazaar held at the same venue. Alongside showcasing youth development programs, the bazaar featured products created by local youth entrepreneurial teams, such as innovative handicrafts and environmentally friendly, natural products.

The launch of the Youth Link marks an important milestone in Hong Kong’s commitment to youth development. By connecting young individuals, fostering their talents, and empowering them to contribute to society, the government aims to cultivate a vibrant and engaged younger generation that will shape the future of the city.