Youth caught by MTR staff for misuse of HK$2 ticket under concessionary fare scheme at Tseung Kwan O Station


11th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A viral photo circulating on Hong Kong’s internet has sparked widespread discussions about the behaviour of a young man who was caught using a HK$2 ticket under the concessionary fare scheme at the MTR Tseung Kwan O Station. The image shows the moment when MTR staff approached and confronted the tall and well-built individual for allegedly misusing the discounted fare. The photo, shared by a male netizen, was accompanied by critical comments such as, “How can someone with such stature stoop so low to save a couple of dollars? Where is their self-respect?”

The image quickly drew attention and ignited a flurry of opinions among netizens. Many criticised the young man’s actions, with comments like “Greed knows no bounds,” “This is just being cheap; a grown man doing this for $2,” and “Such a shame, they look decent but their behaviour is appalling.” Some even called for stricter penalties, suggesting, “He should be heavily fined! Monetary penalties won’t deter anyone; they should be imprisoned on the spot.”

However, some netizens cautioned against making hasty judgments solely based on the photo. They suggested that there could be valid reasons for using the discounted fare, such as disability entitlements or medical conditions. One netizen pointed out, “People with disabilities can use the HK$2 ticket under the concessionary fare scheme. Disability doesn’t discriminate based on age!” Another emphasised the need to consider alternative explanations, saying, “There may be underlying health issues. Let’s not jump to conclusions without knowing if they have a disability certificate.” Several netizens highlighted the importance of not judging a book by its cover, reminding others that appearances can be deceiving.