Young woman’s impromptu piano performance at Tsz Wan Shan Refuse Collection Point goes viral as abandoned instrument remains unmoved for three days


24th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) A citizen stumbled upon an abandoned piano at Tsz Wan Shan Public Refuse Collection Point and captured the rare moment on video and in photographs.

The individual expressed admiration for the atmosphere and decided to document the scene. The video showed a young woman, seated on a discarded drawer, improvising a musical performance on the piano. The online community responded with delight, appreciating the impromptu talent showcased.

As the video circulated, concerns were raised about the fate of the piano. Given the limited space in Hong Kong, some speculated that the young woman might desire to take the instrument home but might not have enough room. Others jokingly referred to the location as an ideal practice spot for musicians. The original poster reassured the online community that the piano was still present at the waste station as of noon on the following day, 23rd November. However, they cautioned that individuals interested in adopting the abandoned piano should act swiftly, as large trucks regularly remove and dispose of bulky household waste from the area.

Some netizens shared their personal experiences with abandoning pianos, suggesting that posting notices inviting interested parties to claim the instrument helped expedite its removal. They recounted instances where pianos were successfully relocated within two hours after posting such notices.