Young offenders at Lai King Correctional Institution recognised for academic and vocational achievements

Lai King Correctional Institution

20th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) A ceremony held today at Lai King Correctional Institution (LKCI) by the Correctional Services Department (CSD) celebrated the accomplishments of young persons in custody (PICs) through the presentation of certificates. The event, held on September 20, acknowledged the PICs’ efforts and achievements in their studies and vocational examinations.

Over the past year, a total of 33 PICs from LKCI undertook various academic and vocational examinations, including the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination, the Aptis-British Council English Assessment Test, and the General Aptitude Putonghua Shuiping Kaoshi. These examinations covered a wide range of subjects, and the PICs also obtained vocational certificates in areas such as Food and Beverage Services, Coffee Making and Latte Art Training, Bakery and Pastry Making, Cantonese Cooking, and Beauty Care. These vocational training opportunities were organised by the Christian Action and the Vocational Training Council. Out of the 122 certificates attained by the PICs during the year, 37 were awarded with merits. During the ceremony, 15 PICs were recognized and presented with 59 certificates, with 21 of them achieving merits.

Mr. Ng Tang, Chairman of the Hong Kong Shanxi Chamber of Commerce (HKSXCC), officiated the ceremony and expressed the HKSXCC’s full support for the rehabilitation work carried out by the CSD. He highlighted the establishment of the HKSXCC – Igniting Hope Education Fund in August 2022, which provides subsidies to assist PICs in need to pursue continuing education and vocational training. Mr. Ng Tang encouraged the young PICs to seize these opportunities for self-improvement through education and to prepare themselves for successful reintegration into society, with the support of their families and the CSD staff.

The ceremony showcased the talents of the PICs through various performances. Members of the marching band demonstrated their dedication and appreciation for their families and correctional officers through a musical performance. Additionally, the PICs showcased their skills in a delicate Chinese tea ceremony, offering a glimpse of traditional Chinese culture. During the sharing session, a representative of the PICs expressed heartfelt gratitude to their family members and the staff of the CSD for their unwavering support. A parent representative also shared their joy in witnessing the positive transformation of their daughter while undergoing training at LKCI.

The ceremony was attended by representatives from non-governmental and community organisations, community leaders, and family members of the certificate recipients.

LKCI provides accommodation for young female PICs aged between 14 and under 21. The Department offers half-day education programs and half-day vocational training to aid in the rehabilitation process and prepare the PICs for reintegration into society.