Young couple caught engaging in lewd act in Taiwan shopping mall sparks outrage


1st March 2024 – (Taipei) A recent video circulating online has caused a stir as it captures a young couple openly engaging in an explicit act in a Taiwanese shopping mall. The footage shows a woman positioned under a man, seemingly performing oral sex on him.

The video has now garnered significant attention, prompting local authorities to take action. The police have announced their intention to identify the individuals involved through CCTV footage and have urged the public not to further circulate the video.

The incident occurred at the Taoyuan City Luzhu District’s Tai Mall and the video quickly spread across social media platforms, drawing widespread condemnation.

In the video, the man is seen lying on a sofa while the woman, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, obscures her face and positions herself over his lower body. Their actions leave no doubt as to their explicit behaviour, which was recorded by a shocked female salesperson nearby.

The circulation of this video has prompted the local authorities to take notice. The Luzhu District Police Station has stated that they have not yet received any official reports regarding the incident and are currently in the process of verifying the details.