You can spy on people using your Apple AirPods

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Ever wanted to eavesdrop on a conversation? A little-known feature on the latest iPhone operating system will make you the next James Bond.

How many times have you wished you could eavesdrop on a conversation?

Yeah, I’ve lost count.

How many of those times have you also realised you lack both the nerve to pull it off, as well as the auditory reach to remain undetected?


Well, thanks to the year 2019, you can now eavesdrop on your partner, your best friend and your boss all from an safe and inconspicuous location.

All you need is an iPhone, the latest operating system and a pair of Apple AirPods.

I can’t promise you won’t end up single, prosecuted and unemployed, but I can promise you a great time.

Originally, the humble wireless earphone was designed to stop situations like the following from interrupting your day:

Thankfully, Apple officially cut the cord in 2016 and introduced us to the wireless AirPod.

Now, they’ve gone a step further with a feature originally designed to help hearing-impaired Apple customers.

Live Listen effectively gives you super hearing by allowing you to place your iPhone close to a person or speaker you’re having trouble hearing.

It’s easy to set up through your control centre if you have the latest iOS 12.

Once you download the new operating system, and enable the Live Listen feature (which appears as an ear icon), you can then turn up the volume on your iPhone’s microphone to listen to things closely through your AirPods.

Let the eavesdropping begin.
Let the eavesdropping begin.Source:istock

What we now know is that you can actually leave your phone in different rooms, more than 15m away, and still hear everything that’s going on.

That’s correct.

Here we were, thinking Apple was spying on us, when really they were just road testing their prototype so we could eventually spy on each other.

What a relief!

‘I thought she loved my fedoras and oversized rings!’
‘I thought she loved my fedoras and oversized rings!’Source:Getty Images

You can also use your Apple watch for the same eavesdropping purpose — in fact, it would appear much more innocent to “accidentally” leave a watch lying around the board room at work.