Yoshinoya’s branch on Wan Chai Road closed down due to poor business


15th January 2020 – (Hong Kong) The local franchisee of fast-food chain, Yoshinoya closed its branch on Wan Chai Road on 12th January recently. A notice was put up at the front to urge customers to go their nearest outlets to eat their famous beef rice bowl. Their group business has been severely impacted since the beginning of the protests last year.

Yoshinoya was one of the eateries which became the earliest targets of rioters since the beginning of the pro-democracy movement in June last year. In July 2019, the management of Yoshinoya was furious after their ad agency posted their food using a  homophone ‘Don’t call me a Pekingese dog’. The inherent pronunciation of the homophone, ‘Paper tearing dogs’ was to insinuate the police officers who recently removed the memos from the Lennon Wall in Tai Po. Netizens were furious after the master franchisee for Yoshinoya announce that they had terminated the contract with the media agency and dismissed the staff who made the post. A city-wide boycott was called and many of their branches were vandalised in numerous street rallies.