YM-Adventure boasts a 60-metre zip line and the first lizard climbing wall in HK

    Lizard Wall

    13th June 2021 – (Hong Kong) Recently, a new Adventure Park opened by Chinese YMCA in Kwai Shing Circuit. The park has a height of 11 metres with more than 20 challenge levels. It also has a 60-metre zip line and the first lizard climbing wall in Hong Kong where participants can challenge their limits.

    YM-Adventure is the first Adventure Park in the city. It is only more than 10 minutes away from the Kwai Hing MTR station and the location is very convenient. YM-Adventure is the first pentagonal-design park in Hong Kong. The park used to be only open for group training, but recently it has been open for public . The area of the park is not very large, there are a total of 22 challenge levels, mainly divided into horizontal and vertical challenges.

    The most attraction is the 60-metre-long “Zip line Crossing”, where participants can slide across to the opposite side in a few seconds. Each level of the challenge has different levels of difficulty. The second level is an advanced level. The difficulty is not very high.

    During the whole challenge, there will be a professional coach by the side, and the safety rope and helmet will be fastened throughout the whole process, so it is very safe.

    YM – Adventure
    Tel:2420 0266

    Address: 32 Kwai Shing Circuit, Kwai Chung

    Lizard Wall