Yata Supermarket in Yuen Long astoundingly prices organic potatoes at a staggering HK$2,131


16th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A netizen made an unexpected discovery at Yata Supermarket in Yuen Long that sparked laughter and online discussions. The shelves displayed organic potatoes with a staggering price tag of HK$2,131 (£202). The adjacent packages were also priced above HK$2,000, leading the amused shopper to comment, “Organic produce truly sets itself apart.” The accompanying photo quickly went viral, with many jokingly remarking, “I wouldn’t even buy them for HK$2,000” and “Are these organic potatoes grown on Mars?” However, it is speculated that this was a result of a staff input error.

The customer who witnessed the exorbitant price decided to purchase one pack out of curiosity. When it came time to pay, the cashier was visibly startled and quickly acknowledged the mistake, stating that the price had been entered incorrectly. This raised further curiosity among observers as to why all the packages were mislabeled.

Upon inquiry, Yata Yuen Long responded that the merchandise in question had undergone a price adjustment the previous day. However, due to a technical issue, the barcodes displayed an erroneous value. The actual price of the organic potatoes was approximately HK$20 (£1.90) per pack. As soon as the problem was identified, Yata promptly replaced the price tags on the affected batch of products. The company expressed apologies for any inconvenience caused to customers and assured them of their commitment to closely monitor and ensure the accuracy of price labels to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.

The original post was made by the Facebook user in the group “Supermarket Discounts Watch (Wellcome, PARKnSHOP, Yata, 759 Store, HKTVmall, Aeon, 360, Donki)” with a lighthearted tone. The accompanying photo showed two packs of Chinese organic potatoes priced at HK$2,131 and HK$2,151, respectively, with a package weight of approximately 500 grams. The packaging indicated a production date of May 15th, and the items were sold at Yata Yuen Long.

The viral photo garnered humorous responses from netizens, with comments such as “I can’t afford these potatoes at this price,” “Can I pay in instalments over 24 months?” and “The only difference between potatoes and fools is a fine line.” Some even compared the price to the cost of living in the Swiss Alps, jokingly suggesting that the potatoes were organically cultivated on Mars.